Google Pixel 6

I’ve managed to get a fairly standard TPU case from Amazon, which will do the job for now. Usually I design my own custom (Prince themed) ones from Casestation, but last I looked they didn’t have P6Pro ones available yet.

The slipperiness wasn’t an issue in-hand. But when placing the phone down on a variety of surfaces (even relatively flat ones) it just wouldn’t stay put. Even on the couch it seemed to have a life of it’s own and migrate itself down the sides of the cushions :joy: The case has solved that though for sure.

The camera is mindblowingly good!


That I can certainly attest to!

My usual spots by the front door are all out

Headphones arrived,

They are a big upgrade over last year’s QC 35ii , more controls over playback from the device itself , more granularity on noise cancellation and it remembers your last noise cancellation level and better build quality, basically fixed all my pain points with the QC35ii.

Music also seems better but I haven’t tested for that long.


Mine came today too. I only received the email from Google though, not the one from the shipping company :thinking:

Weird as I got an email and text from DHL this morning with a delivery slot.

Nice fix for the fingerprint reader today - much better :slight_smile:
No OTA in UK 'til next month so have to sideload

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My headphones have shipped, guess I got the 700s.

The Pixel Stand 2 is now available to pre-order as well.

Mine shipped today too! Headphones. Will be picking up the stand ASAP.

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My headphones arrived today and I’m loving them. I think they’ll form part of my essential things to pack when I’m travelling for work.

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Mine have arrived, I could just sit with them switched on, just for the total silence with the noise cancellation up full

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Vodafone have the pixel 6 for £369 in-store plus the stadia offer is still on.

They also have the s21 for £353 in store.

I just got an unexpected refund of my £19.99 stadia offer… so they’re suffering shortages if they’re cancelling orders already (although the cancellation isn’t reflected on the google page yet).

Thinking of adding an esim to my phone, I’m assuming it’s an easy enough process :thinking: just sign up, download whatever it requires from operator and away you go?

Three network went down yesterday whilst I was at work, queue 5 hours of complete boredom not been able to use my phone. Want a backup waiting to go at a moment’s notice.

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It is a dead simple process to add it to your phone, I can only talk for Vodafone but it was a simple self service option on their web login ( not app afaik) , but be aware that most or all UK operators only offer esims on contract plans.

Since EE and three often share masts and downtime is often one of them doing maintenance I’d go Vodafone or O2 , if you’re okay with cashback deals check HotUKDeals for some cheap deals.

Edit; there may also be phone model requirements.

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Voda have some decent data plans on offer at the moment so I’m thinking of going with them, they can then be my main data provider and Three will become the backup.

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That sounds good,

I actually have my main SIM as eSIM and a backup as physical, so if you can get am eSIM for three maybe just get a PAYG physical sim as a backup if three is generally fine for you.

You can still buy 1p per MB O2 Sims on eBay.

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Three have suspended the roll out of esim at the moment, actually looked at them to start with.

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No idea what I have done wrong but the EE esim I got from EE never scans. No sign of it in the EE app as well.

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Does it not give you a long URL to manually type in if the QR code doesn’t work?