Google Pixel 6

Personally I’m more concerned with battery health and Samsung Note 7 style explosions from 100w plus charging than waiting a bit longer for my phone to charge. And an added benefit is the battery should last longer, therefore the usability of the device is longer, therefore the environmental impact is less.

Therefore… Saves turtles :turtle:


That’s a standard counter that gets rolled out as if the manufacturers leading the way don’t test their devices. To hell with safety and science just crank up the volume. :sweat_smile:

These phones with 100W have been specifically designed with battery longevity and safety.

They use tech like dual-cell to achieve it so it’s not just a single channel.

Worth looking at PPS and Quick Charge 4+/5 vs Power Delivery 3 standards.

The batteries have been stress tested to achieve the same performance over the lifetime of the device so there’s no :turtle: or :whale2: to save by charging those devices slower than intended.

It’s the same argument on EVs where cars like the ionic 5 can rapid charge at 220kW and it has a 800 volt system to deal with it (over the usual 400). It’s been designed to be fast charged without impacting on battery life.

Google/Apple/Samsung/Motorola/Sony/Nokia will get there with actual fast charging, but just at a slower pace. :turtle:


Well I’ve learnt something tonight! Thank you :blush:

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This article has the Xiaomi 12 Ultra as the first 200W. Full charge in 8 mins. (NuVolta showcased this back in July so I don’t doubt it)

The normal Xiaomi 12 with 100W should be out end of this month bringing the new X2 gen with the Snapdragon 898.

Totally destroys the nightly plug in ritual most people have been doing for the last decade.

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If I had to choose I’d rather adaptive charging overnight than a 200W charge in 8 mins. I’d be terrified of my battery degrading after just a few charges.

One of the worst problems with my last Xiaomi was battery life. Most other phones I’ve had went strong after over 2 years of usage but my Mi 9T had pretty much no life at the 2 year mark, which I assume is due to fast charging.

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The Mi 9T had the “fast charging” label that’s slapped on everything but it didn’t have “fast” charging, it had 18W which I think most phones had similar (outside of Apple/Samsung had 15W? at that time) Edit: yeah the iPhone 11 had 18W too

The 65W and 100W with the tech that’s been around for a couple of years now has been fine.

We’ll have to see in 2024 if 200W really does what it says but based on the history I’d say it’ll still meet/exceed the 80% target.

As mentioned above these are charged parallel so it isn’t one cell taking all the hit and temperatures are kept within the same ranges as slow charging phones.

Just a friendly reminder to claim the Bose headphones if you pre-ordered a pixel 6.


Loving my Pixel 6 Pro, espeially the camera. I upgraded from a OnePlus 7 Pro with a smashed screen.

The fingerprint scanner is no where near as quick as reliable as the OnePlug though. I also really really miss the keep holding fingerprint scanner to quick launch google pay gesture.

Doesn’t Google Pay just work even when unlocked (under £100)?

That’s one of the things I love about Android, no need to launch / authenticate for small amounts.


Yes, but the quick launch was still super handy for when you want to to pay with a card that isn’t the default.

Until your phone is nabbed without you realising!

Though yeah I agree on a every day level it’s probably a small thing to make things easier.

No unlock needed for smaller payments

Important: You can only make a limited amount of locked transactions before your phone will ask you to unlock it.

To make contactless payments, you need to unlock your phone. You won’t need to unlock it for certain small payments.

Tip: For added security, you can set up your phone so that it must be unlocked to complete an NFC transaction.

To turn on this setting:

  1. Go to Settings Settings|autox18.
  2. Tap Connected devices and then Connection preferences and then NFC .
  3. Turn on Require device unlock for NFC .

So the same as if they’d nabbed your wallet. But just on one default card rather than every one you carry.

Personally my phone is far easier to steal than my wallet, a lot of phones are stolen without the person realising (placed onto a table, or on the ground and taken by “beggars” using the usual trick). My phone was stolen last year and it was a good hour before I realised.

Also if anyone did steal my wallet, my phone would be with me and I’d instantly block all cards. They steal my phone I’m not notified because, well, they have my phone. If I were out and about, no idea how Monzo would be blocked because I wouldn’t have their number and wouldn’t be able to log into my account!

My issue here has just decided to disappear today, no updates to anything.

I took my Google Pixel 6 Pro with me to London for an extended weekend trip (our first proper trip away since the pandemic started, so doubly nice)

This gave me the chance to give it a proper runout

A few observations:

  1. At least in my hand, it is not quite the “big, slippery mess” feared and I most felt it wouldn’t shoot out of my hand. I will still buy a case soon though

  2. The camera is very good in general use

  3. The double press on the power button for activating the camera is wildly variable. Sometimes it gets stuck at a mystery lock screen state and other times it ended up on the video mode. That’s nowhere near as reliable a method as on the Pixel 5 and previous Lenovo Moto G phones I had

  4. I was I could activate that camera using a gesture, like the excellent wrist twist gesture I had baked into the the Lenovo Moto G phones. Any ideas if I can replicate that somehow?

  5. The voice assistant at the lock screen is generally pretty impressive, but it has an oddly massive gap. However you phrase it, there is no way to cancel all planned alarms that it will recognise. That works fine on my Google Home, so it is not like it is something

  6. The Tesco Pay+ app absolutely refuses to work properly on it. Not sure if it is a Tesco, Android 12 or phone issue, but it keeps flaming out at the security credentials

  7. The battery life is generally pretty good for my heavyish uses. It never ran out on me across a day, which my Pixel 5 has already been doing for some time

All round I am very pleased with it


Tried again just now, now safely back in the provinces:

I think this is just a limitation of accessing the assistant via the lock screen.

With the phone unlocked, the command works for me.

That would be a strange limitation given that you can add them and cancel specific instances at the lock screen, given the lack of indication of need to login and given the indication that it did not understand as compared to being unable (for whatever reason)

They could certainly explain themselves better if it is a genuine and intended limitation