Google Pixel 6

It’s not the same. None of the actions are available in 12 - Go to Sleeping, Full Lights, etc.

In my case, I had ‘Bedtime’ on my 11 screen, so turning off all lights and plugs when heading up to bed was a one press (power switch), one tap (‘Bedtime’) job. Now I can’t do that and have to open the app instead.

Google help article on how it used to work:

But they’re under the ‘Tasker’ sub-heading? (Not core Android)

For comparison, I have Google Home set to do exactly the same thing via routines automatically, and manually via assistant on ‘12’ - no need to press any buttons!

I don’t know what the Tasker heading is, but those tabs are definitely core Android 11 features - see the link I added also. You could probably find videos on YouTube demonstrating the feature also.

Skip to 1:14:

I can do it through my lock screen (I only have Hue lights), bottom left button on the lock screen.

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No need, we’ve left ‘11’ behind.

Our Hue bulbs/strips setup, Chromecast Ultra’s/legacies, Android TV’s, Home Mini’s, Nest learning thermo, Washing machine & Dishwasher (via Kasa and the service) and indirectly, the Ohme car charger and hot tub heater (Kasa again) - all work on 12 with Google Home fine, just like they did on 11.

We never controlled any of those from the long-press button on our Pixels. The big power-draws are all automated depending on the cheapest electricity rates or nicely auto-controlled or via voice when absolutely needed.

“Hey Google, it’s Halloween” (now old)
“Hey Google, start the dishwasher”
“Hey Google, it’s Christmas” (again already!) sigh… John Lewis advert already airing.

This all sounds futuristic, but having the kids verbally request a lighting change in the kitchen while we’re in the midst of cooking a family dinner can have very interesting side effects.

The Hue/Spotify Sync feature though - an absolute winner for weekends :dancing_men: :dancing_women: :partying_face: - can’t be without this one!

I’m happy for you that you have a system that works for you. But:

I did.

This whole particular thread of discussion was started by me saying I miss this feature.

Your experience does not erase mine.

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I’m with you on this one. I miss the feature as well.
I still find myself going to the power menu to find the device controls, then remembering it’s now in the notification pulldown.
Hopefully this will get better when my muscle memory adapts.

What does the lockdown button do? :eyes:

Locks the screen but also disables the finger print login for that particular session. Got to put in your PIN number to open the phone.

So say you’re sleeping, you can lockdown and know no body gonna put ya finger on the screen whilst you’re sleeping.


For anyone else wondering…


Concerning reports:

Something weird going on there. Mine doesn’t work with any of my fingers other than than one I registered to the lock, so unlikely anyone elses would work either.

Getting some weirdness with dual SIM, one esim and one physical which is turned off , it sometimes turns itself on and won’t go off, the slider just jumps back on unless I restart and then it goes off.

I don’t have the fingerprint glitch at least :sweat_smile:

That should read…

People miffed because they thought that 30W was implied by the mention of a 30W charger

They took the same leaf out of Apples book. Both 50% in 30mins without any actual details.

If it peaks above 20W then they couldn’t say a 20W charger will do. Their own previous was 18W so they aren’t going to recommend that. :man_shrugging:

I’m not too bothered and the charging speed it’s pretty decent tbf. It’s not let me down and always have plenty battery available. Thing is they can rectify that if they so wish with a software upgrade at some point.


I’m actually disappointed in the charging speed coming from a Poco F2 Pro which did 27W fast charging it’s a lot worse.

The biggest annoyance I have though is the slow after 50%, I’m out basically all day but popping home before heading back out in the evening you can’t rely on the fast charger to give it enough juice as an example. If you get back and it’s close to 50% it’s barely worth it.

Love the phone but would love a toggle even manual for fastest charging speed to 80% for example.

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@Randomizer1234 Yeah in comparison to non Google/Apple/Samsung/Motorola/Sony/Nokia it’s slow as balls.

Basically there’s three teams leading the way in charging tech where 20 mins now gets you 100% in 2021 with the 100W+


OnePlus 9 at the start of 2021 where 20mins basically gets you 80% then it does make Google look a bit crap and complacent with a phone that’s marketed to be relevant for the next five years.

If you are used to Google/Apple/Samsung/Motorola/Sony/Nokia and staying in the lanes then newer models are just slightly nippier than previous models but the bar is pretty low to beat with tiny increments in speed.