Google Pixel 6

Oh my.

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GSM review out on the Pixel 6 Pro. Basically the only main area of improvement is the battery.

The tensor getting so little out of 5000mAh. Might see some improvement with software updates.

They also mentioned the 30W charging which is a bit mediocre for Android in 2021. That’ll feel dated very soon.

I’m no battery expert but how is it that such a larger battery can have less OST than a smaller one on the iPhones? Just what is the Pixel doing?!

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Optimisation. Others don’t quite have figured it out, even with moving everything in-house

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And Google don’t care like Apple do.


The key issue on poor standby is most likely the Samsung 5G modem inside.

We’ll need ifixit to tear it down to verify that.

The other I suspect is the poorly optimised use of the two power hungry X1s. On paper that should be powerful.

They really should have gone with the 1+3+4 and not the 2+2+4.

And the 2 mid are the crappy A76 which probably does not help benchmarks or efficiency being from 2018 :expressionless:

They tried something different, they might solve that with software updates. :man_shrugging:

This is first gen expect issues.

Apples has had plenty time refining their hardware to maximise battery. I mean what is this the fifteenth chip of theirs.

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There’s also this to suggest Google in-house starting point is basically the Exynos 2100 in the S21 and wrote their code kernel on that

I definitely never managed any like that from my Pixel 5, so consider me somewhat sceptical of the whole thing!

The tests are automated so if you have 100% charge that’s what you get if you used call, browser, playback continuosly and independently draining it down to zero each time.

It’s the same test repeated to make comparisons possible between devices, real world use will always differ.

So the Pixel 6 Pro has roughly the same results across compared to the Pixel 5. The Pixel 6 Pro having a much bigger battery but also much more power inside and a bigger display to run with the 6.7" and the 120hz and the 1440p

This is a better match in terms of what it should be getting.

Apologies if this has already been posted somewhere.

If anyone else has the issue of being stuck on 3G with poor signal after switching to a Pixel 6, I had to manually reset my preferred network type:

  • Call *#*#4636#*#*
  • Select ‘Phone Information’
  • Set preferred network to whatever you want but I chose NR/LTE/TDSCDMA/GSM/WCDMA


Voila, 4G works again :tada:

For reference I’m on Zevvle (EE).

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I had posted above but in regards of not being able to set preferred on EE and disable 5G

@StuartL mentioned it reset itself

The TD-SCDMA is Chinese 3G so could be removed in that list vs WCDMA European 3G.


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I must say, the battery life isn’t quite as good as I’d expect for such a large cell. Hoping Android 12L drops soon with some optimisation.

It’s not terrible, but I got more from the 4XL on a smaller battery.


I’ve joined the Pixel family. Got my Pixel 6 delivered yesterday. Having came over from iOS it’s a lot to get used to :grinning:

Share the comments around battery life, but my iPhone was never that great either.

Android 12 looks impressive with lots of customisation which I’m getting stuck into

Overall some really good first impressions


Just sent mine back.

Real shame as there was so much I liked.


Pixel series always have some kind of hardware issues ,

My Pixel 5 has been pretty solid to be fair :blush:


I’ve just updated and found it has broken one of the most useful features of Android 11 :sob:

Was so much easier than having to unlock your phone and open an app to control the devices.

Interestingly on the Pixel 6/Pro, it does neither of those things.

Holding down the power button now triggers Google Assistant.

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I turned that off so it’s similar to the 12 screenshot, but also has the “lockdown” button.

Mine shows this with a long press of the power button (Pxl5, :android: 12, still beta…) - with ‘Lockdown’ button & added ‘Bug report’ button:

Noticed that the only real difference in the comparison between the ‘11’ and ‘12’ images in the Twitter post above is that ‘12’ isn’t showing Tasker tiles. Other than that, it’s the same. So maybe Tasker needs to implement ‘12’ compatibility more closely?