Google Pixel 4A

Info has started to leak and it looks like it’ll have a hole punch camera.

Interestingly, this lines up with what I’d heard - that Samsung held the exclusivity to OLED displays with the hole punch for a year and kept them only for their own phones (there were a few Chinese brands with hole punch, but they used LED screens, not OLED).

The source that posted that, stated that we’ll see far more hole punch displays in 2020 because of this.


First came the forehead, then the notch, then the tear drop and the hole punch. Now there are some talk about behind screen cameras too that require none of the above!

Its interesting how this is progressing, but holepunch cameras do have one bad trade off in the fact you have to use optical face unlock - which isn’t as secure as some of the front facing sensors.

Still this is a step in the right direction for pixel after the 4 was met with some lack luster reviews.

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I personally love the 4XL - I think it’s the best phone Google have ever made. I do think that some of the negativity comes around price. It’s hard to justify the original RRP compared to things like OnePlus.

But, I got a free Chromebook worth about £200 with my P4XL because I pre-ordered. So that took the sting off!

I’m currently in the market for a top Android. Been on the Galaxy trail for 3/5/7/9+. Veering towards OnePlus 7, but also wondering whether to wait for Galaxy 11/“One”