Google Pixel 3

(Simon B) #1

So, it’s still early days… we are maybe 4 months away from release at this point but the rumor mill is in full churn!

I usually upgrade every other year, so I’ll most likely be skipping this generation but I’m still very interested to see what Google do here!

(Hugh Wells) #2

I’ve literally just got a Pixel 2XL today :sweat_smile:

It’s so new I’m still waiting fir the unlock from EE to process!

(Stephen Morris) #3

That’s what I said last year too and my resolve lasted just two days before I caved in and pre-ordered a Pixel 2, despite owning a perfectly serviceable Pixel.

The thing that swung it? The fact that there was a smart leather Bellroy case available… :roll_eyes:

(Brian Hunter) #4

Aye, I keep my eye on anything Google. Which being in the UK can be frustrating as things are announced then you realise it’s US only…

Got a Pixel 2, no rush to upgrade. Might be skipping a gen like Simon.

(Hugo Vieira) #5

I’ve got the S8 but I must say that if that’s the Pixel 3, it looks absolutely stunning and I might just get it.
Plus, Stock Android and fast updates! (My biggest gripe with Samsung)

(Bruce) #6

Will definitely have a ground breaking camera, sadly will still run android :stuck_out_tongue: :green_apple:

(Brian Hunter) #7

I moved recently from Samsung S7 to Pixel 2. Love it so far.

I used to always flash ROMs on my phone to get the cleanest experience, but I can’t really be bothered with it these days and run stock. Not having two versions of core apps (samsung version and google version) is great. Plus as you say, you’re at the bleeding edge of Android.

(Stephen) #8

I was hoping there wouldn’t be a notch!

(Brandon Billingham) #9

As long as they don’t give it a chin then I’m game. Phones with a chin and a notch get a :-1: from me.

(Liam W) #10

I’ll probably be upgrading to the next iPhone when my EE annual upgrade is due (providing I get this job I applied for… otherwise affording it may be a bit of a struggle).

I’ve got a Pixel 2 XL in the drawer, but it’s currently on eBay… I used it for a month before deciding that I wanted to use my annual upgrade and that, considering as I already own a Mac and an iPad, I might as well own an iPhone as well for the interoperability.

Plus, apps just work better on iOS*.

*This is a very general case… however, 1080p Netflix works on my iPhone. It never did on the Pixel 2.