Google Pay’s massive relaunch makes it an all-encompassing money app

US only for now. Can access your Gmail to find receipts.


Looks smart, I don’t use Google Pay all that much unless I buy online which is rare.

Maybe once the novelty wears off from the Monzo Metal card I may revert to it for further insights.

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I wish Apple would roll out something similar. I like the idea but I don’t need another Google product in my life. And I don’t want my bank deprecated in 6 months’ time when Google gets bored and finds a new shiny toy to focus on


In the not too distant future: adverts in my transaction feed based on historic transactions. No thanks.


Such a shame that Amazon stopped saying what product you ordered in your confirmation emails that really ruin things like this.


Couldn’t tell if there was a note of sarcasm in your comment?!

I personally find it super annoying as they’re making it less useful for their own customers.


They don’t want others having their data, which I understand, but it impacts customers. If I look in my emails for an order, I just see an amount. That’s no different to my bank statement. So I have to look at their website and the orders don’t actually go back that far.

When I look at my amazon order history I can see everything back to 1999…

Ahh thank you. I didn’t notice there was a drop down at the top!

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Interesting! Somehow missed this on here, but just stumbled across it scrolling back through MacRumors to see what I’d missed this week.

This somewhat ties into that Monzo acquisition thread, although not answering the often brought up question of why big tech wants to get into banking, it does reinforce their interest in the banking industry. Google’s Plex Account in particular is interesting, as it seems to be a realisation of Apple’s initial plan for the wallet app.

The fintech future is for sure going to be an exciting and highly competitive one, which should result in a lot of innovation across the board. Which is fantastic for us, at least once such products break past the barrier of regional borders. The U.K. market is very crowded yet also the weakest in terms of product offerings and innovation, so we need some of these US exclusives to come over here and turn up the heat.

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The writeup doesn’t sound like it fits me at all… it’s all ‘social’ which is google’s thing I guess, but I don’t want speech bubbles telling me I paid the council. Also not sure its budgeting is that good based on screenshots.

Also… ‘Plex Account’? Seriously? I’m pretty sure Plex won’t be pleased at that…