Google & Huawei settle class action lawsuit over Nexus 6P

(Simon B) #1

Shame it’s only valid for US customers. I had horrendous issues with mine. Extreme battery issues and random shutoffs after only 10 months or so of ownership. Then RMA’d it, and was starting to notice issues again after another 6/7 months, at which point I just sold it.

(David Walton) #2

I went through a similar issue with my 6P. Didn’t sell it though. Threatened Class Action and they eventually sent an envelope to return. Did the process and received a full refund - after 2 years!

Then did the same for my 5x and got the same response.

Which is why I am now with Pixel(s) - they stood by the product, good or bad, and did the right thing. Cannot argue with that and boosted my confidence in Google.

Now Huawei… slightly different confidence level…:skull_and_crossbones:

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(Splodf) #3

Yep my 6P was a nightmare.

It couldn’t even make calls when I finally gave up and sold it for a £100 as broken 12 months in.