Google event September 30th - Pixel 5

They still are now, at least in terms of explaining the cameras on the new phones!

Takes an enormous amount of brain power to digest and figure which phone actually has which camera improvements and I’m just :exploding_head:

Really annoying that the pro models each get a different camera system too.

If only I liked Android. Pixel looks like a terrific phone and doesn’t have all this confusing camera choice mess. Just one simple phone with a great camera system and two colours. The green especially look interesting, and I like the textured look too.

Nothing stands out from any manufacturer this year to me, I’ve have my Huawei P20 Pro for near enough 2 years now, I’m sure I can stretch another 12 - 18 months in the hope something turns up

Put mine in on Wednesday afternoon and it still only showing the original “Claim Received”

I bought it from the official Google Store, that shouldn’t be a chore for them to square away!

@kolok, @SouthseaOne, @TonyHoyle - how are you finding the Px 5 after several days of use?

Mine has just finally shipped, should be here tomorrow, so I can also claim for the QC II’s too (technically, I could now as the IMEI is now on the order details - but one tick-box in the claim states "
You have received your new Google Pixel phone" which I haven’t yet) Don’t want to jinx it at the very last minute after being patient for over 2 weeks!

Owing to work, I have spent more time with video reviews of it, than the actual phone

That said, overall very happy with my choice

I am pretty clear that it is not the “best” phone, maybe not even in its price band given the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, but it is the one that fits best with what I am looking for experience wise - clean experience, unfussy, good camera, step up from the two Moto GXs I have been using for five years

It was only idling, and on WiFi, but the battery life out of the box seems very good

I put my headphones claim in last Wednesday and still not got the “within two business days” email for validation, so chased them up this morning to check that it has not got stuck. That’s not quite the same premium experience

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It’s a great phone… defintely a keeper for the next few years.

Not had any issues at all. It’s just a pity it’ll be judged on the high price in the US compared to here, where it’s not only cheaper but the bose deal makes it a steal.


I only moved over during the weekend so today is my first full day.
Pretty happy with it so far.

I did notice that notifications took longer to come through on my 5 over my 3 when I had them both side by side so likely more aggressive battery optimisation or adaptive battery needs to learn my habits if it does that.

I was quite impressed with the restore from backups, it setup the 5 exactly how I had my 3 and moved over app data of non cloud apps seamlessly

I don’t move phones often , but I always had apple way ahead for backup and restore as previous android moves were messy, but now android has caught up, or at least stock android ones, I’m sure Samsung have their own backup software that may be different.

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I’ve been amused by the wildly different reviews the Pixel 5 has been getting. The thread on hotukdeals is something to behold, whilst there’s YouTube content declaring it the best thing ever, complete turd and everything in between!

This is my first Pixel since Pixel 2, and I’m happy to be back. I also used the transfer cable for the first time and everything works exactly as I had it set on my S10e.

The phone feels great (size wise, it’s perfect for me), I’m pretty much up to speed with gesture navigation now and the camera is head and shoulders above my old Samsung for point-and-shoot snaps.

I recycled the old phone and assuming I can sell the free cans on eBay for about £150, the Pixel 5 will have set me back under £200. Not bad at all, in my book.

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I think most of the bad reviews were based on the price comparing it on paper to others available.

Besides the speaker I haven’t seen anything else bad said about the actual phone.

Compared to my previous three phones (Nexus 5, Moto G4, Moto G6 Plus) the speaker is preposterously loud. Will be nice for once to play something for someone else and them to be able to hear it. Likewise on the rare occasions I make phone calls. I’ve barely lived!

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I had some bluetooth playback issues particularly showing the song playing on the speaker screen , fixed by changing AVRCP to 1.4 from the default 1.5 in developer options.

My pixel 5 also wouldn’t connect to a different Bluetooth headset , I’ll check tomorrow and see changing to 1.4 fixed that too.

I went for this case

It’s not too bulky but not too thin either so I like it.

Noticed after reading this article, slight one on mine by the camera

I’m probably wrong but it seem more like the back was manufactured half a mm off somewhere , so it’s slightly too big , mine is still solidly attached I can imagine it would come loose over time potentially.

I went for “Sorta Sage” and I cannot see any such issues with mine

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No issue on mine… probably just a QA failure on a small number and google will replace.


Received mine this morning - I didn’t have long to look at it, but it seemed OK without gaps (Black) - I’ll have a closer look tonight when I set it up.

Not sure if it was my chase up yesterday, or just a matter of time to clear the queue, but my claim from last Wednesday is showing as validated this morning


Maybe best from them not to splash “two working days” so liberally over their terms and conditions if they cannot meet that (aware that I live in a glass house here!)

I claimed mine this morning and received a confirmation of the claim submission via text.
Let’s see if I receive validation on or before Thursday!

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Good luck with that!

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Did anyone else order a new Chromecast?

Got mine last week and quite like the Google TV and remote upgrades.

I went for the Netflix bundle which got me a £54 credit on my account, making the hardware only £36, which feels about right compared to the ridiculous £60 rrp.

If I didn’t already have 2 nvidia shields I’d get the new chromecast.

It’ll hopefully massively increase the number of android TV users so we don’t get sky, britbox, etc. refusing to support it because ‘nobody uses it’.