Golden Ticket Not Working

(Marc) #21

Hi all, I am in the queue and there are approximately 10k in front of me.

A very kind forum member provided me with a golden ticket, I entered my email address and it said accepted but when I go back to the app I’m still in the same place in the queue??

Does anyone know if there’s anything else I need to do to get it to work? Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Thanks! :grinning:

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #22

It can take a few moments to take affect, it’s not instant.

(Marcus Nailor) #23

You could try re-installing the app :slight_smile: That might sort it out!

Else shoot an email over to - I’m sure they’ll know what’s up :slight_smile:

(Marc) #24

Thanks for your replies. I already tried reinstalling the app so I’ll try emailing the help desk.

(Alex Sherwood) #25

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(Paola Lozano) #26

Hi! A friend sent me a golden card but didn’t work. I was already on the queue and nothing changed. Does it take some time to work?

(Channing Walton) #27

Hi, I just had the same thing happen. Did you get a response?

(Paola Lozano) #28

No, but after around 3h I received a message confirming that I jumped the

(Max Howarth) #29

i sent my mother a golden ticket by text a few minutes ago. the text arrived and i clicked on it on her phone. the app didn’t open but i was directed to the site. i entered her email address but now it says the ticket has been used and she is still in the queue (48k users in front of her).

any suggestions?

(Taylor Curtis) #30

hello, I am in the waiting list around 45,000.
I received a golden ticket.
is there a reason why it hasn’t worked?

(Noura) #31

I was given a golden ticket but it’s not working.

I’m still 50,000 in the queue although I had a golden ticket?

Can someone help me please :frowning:

(Hugh) #32

Hey all :slight_smile:

This should update after a few minutes, if it doesn’t move forward after a few hours it’s probably best to reach out to Customer Operations:

Hope that helps!

(MikeF) #33

The Golden Ticket scheme for the prepaid card is now closed.