Golden Ticket changes 🎫

Surely this isn’t true?

Must be, someone on the internet said it and that’s always true


8.5k gullible people thus far :joy:


What’s happened to the £5.00 incentive for referring someone. I only found out tonight - as somebody mentioned it.

I’ve gone to send a friend a Golden ticket & I notice no reference to the £5.00

That’s a great shame!

It seems they stopped it back in August;

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I’m so sorry to learn to write. thank you once again sorry

I’ve merged your thread with the existing one on the same topic to keep the discussion together

Realise this has already been noted as not true, but only just seen it and wanted to point out:

£5 for each referral.
£250,000 claimed as coming from top Google link.
Equates to 50,000 referrals.

The figure alone should be enough to demonstrate the claim as improbable and false.

(My own guess for the real reason; tv campaign worked to ramp up sign-ups and awareness, meaning generating growth through customer incentives is no longer necessary at this current time)


I never saw this post otherwise I wouldn’t have posted my original post!

Well for me the incentive for me to refer someone to Monzo has been removed! I’d say the £5.00 is going to the wrong person!

The £5 “incentive” has been removed for everyone, not just you.

I may be misunderstanding but if you still think Monzo are a good fit for your friends and family why would you suggest they go elsewhere? :confused: Just because you don’t get any financial gain shouldn’t sway your decision.


To me £5 is nit a lot and the money was nit the point it was nice and a bit of fun for both.
To me it was about spreading the word about monzo to a new customer how may or may not stay with them.

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You can still spread the word. It’s the same button to share the monzo link to someone else. That hasn’t changed

Nope that has not change to be honest I was not really fused about £5 but it was nice