Goal achieved but no pat on the back

I used the savings goal feature for the first time over the past few week. I used IFTTT to direct some money to a pot whenever I hit my daily step target on my fitbit and also sent my loose change there too. It all worked perfectly so thank you for building this feature. However, as I drew close to my target I wondered what the smart people at Monzo had planned to congratulate me on achieving my goal. What gems from behavioural science had they crafted to reinforce the positive act of setting and achieving a goal that would spur me on to the next one. Nothing (other than my progress bar was now full). Not even a message to tell me my goal had been achieved.

I was wondering if this a function of how I am funding the pot or is there a general lack of notifications when a goal is achieved?


Oh that’s a shame. I was expecting at the least an emoji. At the most, some animated fireworks.

(I actually think there’s a whole host of little stuff that could be done that’d be delightful. A birthday message, a virtual Christmas card etc etc)


Maybe. I find that IFTTT bypasses the usual transaction notifications so it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a side effect of that.


Oh that’s a shame, I want a dancing Hot Chip on my screen :joy: or even a line of text to notify us. I have yet to meet any goals so hopefully someone else can weigh in on this with their experience?



Strange. I got a goal achieved notification when I reached my goal with coin jar round up.

And today, with the IFTTT 1p savings challenge a notification that I’m over half way.


I remember the :money_mouth_face: emoji being deployed for one or both of those notifications. :grinning:


Thanks all - I’ll just need to set another goal and see if it does anything different. I would have expected some sort of notification - a dancing Hot Chip would be tremendous but I’ll settle for a line telling me I’ve hit my target.

This whole area is ripe for creative and positive interventions.


Can’t remember what it is but think it’s just a congratulations and :tada: notification

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