Gmail turns 15 - do you remember when it launched?

(Jon Moss) #1

Wow. I remember when it first launched :slight_smile: and signing up… little did we know!

Blog post here from the Gmail team.

I’m liking the scheduled send feature… does anyone know when this is launching?

(Starling Guru) #2

I had gmail when you had to be invited to have gmail


same - what’s your earliest email?

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(Starling Guru) #4

Would have been the same sorta time, I dunno what is going on with mine but all my deleted emails have gone I know thats what is supposed to happen but I just used it as an old E-Mail referal thing lol

Most recent I have is 2014 :frowning:

(Phil) #5

I got an account on April 1st.
Still have it, though haven’t used this account in about 10yrs. Weird looking through my old emails now…

(Jon Moss) #6


Did you know someone at google?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #8

Earliest email I can find is from 2005.


Didn’t it go through a weird few months of being Googlemail in the UK? :thinking:

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(Leon) #10

No as when it started it was Gmail for everybody regardless of where you signed up from.

(Ravi) #11

I bought and invite off of EBay for a quid. Even back then every good variation of my name(s) had already gone.

Scheduled send is gonna be :ok_hand: for pretending you’re working out of hours!

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Sure – but there was a period after that when it switched to Googlemail, no?

(Daniel White) #13

Yes that’s right, some trademark claim or something I think!



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(Phil) #14

I knew someone with an invite, which I think everyone got at the beginning, in limited numbers.

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(Leon) #15

To join Gmail at first you had to be invited by someone who already had a Gmail account. Weird but true.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #16

I had to wait until I got an invite from Google if I recall correctly.

(Nick) #17

Yep, but there were ways around that, so I don’t think anyone I actually knew get stuck with the substandard address form :wink:

(Thomas Guthrie) #18

Found my first email! I was still in school then and remember being amazed that I only had to type ‘A’ and it found the details for the guy that had invited me (a lot of begging was involved) and filled the email address in.

(Ravi) #19

Pretty sure that you sending to gmail and googlemail both worked fine.

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(Leon) #20

Yeah they had a waiting list as well but the fastest way to early access was what I said above.

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