Give account interest and Monzo Plus/Premium a name


The fact that the merchant column is empty for Plus/Premium interest and also the outgoing payment is a bit annoying and it breaks my spreadsheet!

As I’m using the import feature (safer to keep the data correct), I can’t type it myself and it would require helper columns etc, which is just messy!

Agh the inconsistencies in the data export make me so sad.

As far as I can tell, for “Type” the list of all transactions is this:

Faster payment
Card payment
prepaid-bridge / Top-up
Pot transfer
Direct Debit
Bacs (Direct Credit)
Account interest

Most make sense; but the last 5 - all for varyingly specific Monzo based transactions. Premium Subscription and Monzo Paid are different flavours of Plus, I think. Pre-paid bridge is a one off when Monzo converted accounts to a Current account. But as far as I can tell all of these types have no “name” information:

Monzo to Monzo (some but not all)
Premium Subscription
Account interest
Ledger Adjustment
Monzo Paid
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