Gift Ideas Help

I thought it might be useful to use all our wonderful expertise to help those struggling with gift ideas!

I’ve been tasked with getting a present for someone that has it all already - they enjoy cooking meat, strength grip training (?) and dog walking.

Any great suggestions from any experts in these areas? Total cost between £20-£30.

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:joy: They are the 3 most random things to be interested in!

A fun little “life tip” I saw the other day said:

“Don’t buy someone a present to do with their hobbies - They probably have what they need and won’t use what you buy them” - Or words to that effect…

That being said, you can never have too many dog toy type things.

Or meat… Maybe get him some funky steak type kit?

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There’s a Wagyu farm in Yorkshire now. You could get them a really fancy steak for that price!

That’s a good idea! Think I might order some meat!

Like the tip Nick - that actually makes a lot of sense!

Buy Wagyu cattle I suppose?

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I’m a huge fan of Not on the High Street, Prezzybox and Firebox.

Literally, all of my gifts are from one of these, and you’re almost guaranteed to find some niche gift ideas (sometimes weirdly specific) that no one else would have got them. They make great stocking fillers AND great standard gifts.

And no, I’m not affiliated with any of them :rofl:

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Thanks for the links!