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I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while now, but it would be great if there was a category of “gift” that I could assign certain payments.

At work a single person typically buys something (birthday gift, anniversary gift, leaving gift etc) and we all ‘Monzo’ (yeah it’s a verb now lol) the payments (and yes I’ve since realized bill splitting is a thing), but when it comes to associating a category I only really have “general” as an appropriate option.




I tend to use ‘family’ for this, as it’s the only time I use that category!


This would be useful to have, I’ve also struggled to assign ‘gifts’ to a category- ‘general’ has become rather large so I’m having to attach receipts and write a note to remind myself of purchases in this category


Yeah, I add a :gift: to mine so I can find them.

Great idea, but also a bit annoying considering “general” can become quite large :slightly_smiling_face: but I’ll have to do this for now :+1:

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Sorry to revive an old conversation but just wondering what you do if you have a bank transfer in relation to gifts/presents?
I also add the :gift: icon in the “Add notes and #tags” section but this isn’t available with money transfers.

Any ideas?

There’s just been an update to :monzo: today for iOS :

Is that what you’re looking for?

Amazing!! Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Oh I’ve just realised the new Notes update is only for transfers between your own Monzo accounts.

Monzo really need a “gifts/presents” category :frowning:


This is an issue with iOS. You can vote for the ability to add notes to transfers on iOS here:

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Just bumping this request. A gift category would be super useful for the budgeting feature, not sure where there isn’t one.

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