Giff Gaff

(Daz Fisher) #1

Does anyone know if Giff Gaff is detected as committed spending?


Mine doesn’t appear to be yet.


Can one be committed to giff gaff?

(Thomas Horne) #4

No, it’s not.

(Daz Fisher) #5

I’m really hoping that Monzo will be able to provide the ability for their customers to select their own items to add to the committed spending list.


I believe that’s coming in the next few weeks. I’d prefer automatic detection but I realise that some will be harder to detect.

(Daz Fisher) #7

I can obviously see the attraction of ‘automatic’ detection and think Monzo are right to push boundaries moving forward, however … I do not want to see an ‘available left to spend’ figure that can be wrong based on some committed spending not being detected.


Yep. Hopefully in the nearish future being able to manually add will help the automatic detection.

(Rika Raybould) #9

Both automatic detection and manual selection of recurring card payments are coming!

Right now, there’s a set of whitelisted common subscriptions that will be detected (Spotify, Netflix, etc.). Anything not on that list won’t show up in committed spending just yet.

(Daz Fisher) #10

Where is this white list?

(MikeF) #11

On a Monzo server somewhere so their code can access it I imagine.

(Daz Fisher) #13

Well that depends on what goody bag you were on?
My £18 goody bag is ending and they said I would be saving £3 per month but of course this means a slight reduction in data.
However, I will step up the extra £2 to get the 20GB