Getting to sleep advice

I’m a midnight sleeper, and get up at 5.30. It’s definitely different for everyone. I used to struggle to sleep before 1am but I’d sleep until 8am (then rush to work for 9), but 5 and a half works well for me. I feel rubbish if I sleep later. I enjoy a lie in at the weekend but I never wake up feeling refreshed.


I used to be the same and could feel fine and refreshed with only 4 or 5 hours sleep a night. Nowadays if I have less than 7 hours I feel like my life is in danger.

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“Sleep With Me” podcast. He’s the most boring guy in the world, I’m yet to get to the end of an episode!!

Google’s Digital Wellbeing features on Android are helping me a lot. Specifically the ‘wind down’ feature - turning on Do Not Disturb late at night and changing the display to greyscale.


That, and pillow spray. I use this.


I had the same problem

Basically i stopped using my electronic devices 30 min before bed. and read a book whilst in bed. I am able to sleep easily at 9:30/10pm and wake up 5am for gym.

Try it and let me know :slight_smile:

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Heard something on the local radio station here a while back.

Seemed to suggest one way to help you sleep was to breath through the left nostril.

The right side apparently stimulates the brain, whilst the left side relaxes it.

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Sounds like hokum to me. You’re always breathing through one nostril, and which one it is flips randomly throughout the day.

I’ve just tried to force myself to breathe through the wrong nostril and it’s really uncomfortable :grimacing:


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A couple of tips:

  • Read a book in bed, preferably one made of paper
  • Keep regular bed and wake times, 7 days a week
  • No caffeine after 6pm (ish)
  • No alcohol —drunk sleep isn’t good sleep…

Good luck!

I usually take 3 caps of zma before bed…I sleep like a baby on them