Getting paid holiday from a job I recently left?

I recently left my job, I worked my notice period and I should’ve been getting my holiday pay at 4pm today but I don’t see anything before but I usually do, how do I find out if I’m getting paid because I’m relying on this money?

You need to ask your employer. This is nothing to do with Monzo.

You’re due to be paid tomorrow, not 4PM today. As this isn’t your normal salary, it might not be paid via BACS which means you won’t see it available at 4PM.

Ask who is paying you.


The advice given above is spot on.

It really will depend on how your employer decides to do it. They (may) lump it in your final pay check or pay it additionally as a separate amount.

But this will depend on your employer.

Did they say they were paying you at 4pm?
Or as others have suggested your used to seeing it and obtaining at 4pm through the get your money early scheme.

How does your ex-employer normally pay BACS or FPS.

FPS if paid today would be usually in your account within 2 hours but guaranteed by next business day.

Can sometimes be the following month for them to sort accrued holiday pay (if you have any) as my previous employer only just decided to pay mine, and I left a month ago!

You’ll need to check with your employer if you have any accrued first off, you might have used more than you’re eligible for.

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