Getting cash out

Hi all, buying a dog(puppy) cash tomorrow, just realized there’s a limit on ATMs need £850! What the best way?

Enjoy your evening

Someone requesting to be paid high value amounts in cash wouldn’t bode well with me.

I’d request to send by bank transfer if possible.


Probably delay the purchase by a day and take out 400 per day and borrow 50, the limit is a rolling 24hrs one, so if you took out 400 now at 9pm you have to wait until 9pm tomorrow to take out more.

Don’t forget to send pics :sweat_smile:

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They said bank transfers fine!:+1:



Aww what a cutie!

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Enjoy your pup, we recently got one (different breed) too! :dog:

We paid a deposit on ours then paid the rest on collection when he was ready. It was from a certified breeder so I don’t think we’d have gone through with it if it was cash only.

They’re crazy expensive since lockdown though aren’t they :grimacing:

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Although if I’m honest I really don’t miss the early ‘puppy-days’ other than the looking-gorgeous part. Once they grow past that part and develop character, that’s the best.