Getting A Tattoo

I am positive your tattoo will be amazing!
Mental health really sucks and I don’t leave bed most days now. I am soo glad you are doing something positive to show how amazing you were for making it through that.


Got this guy a few weeks ago:

Super happy with it!


Super cool! Nice clean lines.

Feel better :heart:

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During my adidas tattoo I got really light headed and lights went all bright. So my artist gave me 5 minutes and within seconds of having some water and deep breathing I was back to normal again.

Lesson learned: Sip a lucozade before and during the tattoo to prevent blood sugar from dropping and have a sugary snack before. Also, deep breathing ( probably what caused it ) as I was taking shallow breaths for like 10 mins straight.

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Ahhh yeah I got the light headed twinkly lights feeling when my lower stomach was being done. Turns out I was holding my breath! :rofl:


Had the tattoo just now, took about one hour.

Woke up. Had some toast, then my meds, then some cerial, then a breakfast bar, then sipped on non fizzy energy drink all through the session.

No dizziness or anything unusual.

Will post pics of tattoo later

Ok here is a picture, im really happy with it, crappy camera


Kudos to you, less than 3 months and you’ve just got your 7th!

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Just had my 8th done lol.

@RachelR how long do you recommend waiting until a touch up ? I heard one month is ideal

What did they say in the studio? Did you ask the artist? It’ll depend a lot on the area and what they are comfortable doing.

He said once the " silverskin " has passed and about one month I think he said

Getting a touch up in a month sounds like money grabbing to me. Well done tattoo’s shouldn’t need touching up for 10 years or so (depends on where on your body it is).

The touch up is free.

:man_shrugging: Never heard of going back in a month for a touch up personally (have two full sleeves).

Until fully healed. Normally a month is good but I would wait two just incase.

I’ve had one touch up due to a line being a bit weird but I waited about a year ish cause my artist was far away.

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Thanks rachel, mine seem to take 2 to 3 months to fully heal and look nice and vibrant again :slight_smile: Thats 8 ive had now in like 3 months and really happy with all of them.

I was considering the Armani logo but it looks very similar to a fascist regime logo and don’t want to cause offence, so going to play it safe and get matching ones with my sister in the future :smiley:

The 7th was your wrist?

What is the 8th if you don’t mind me asking?

Same again on the other side :slight_smile: ~I love symmetry

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Yeah give it some time then.

Just booked my new tattoo of my rabbit Flopsy. She passed away on Saturday so she’s going to join Pizza on my leg.

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