Getting a Monzo Bank Account With No Fixed Address


Particularly because the mail is so terribly unreliable. Just yesterday I had my son’s passport delivered to someone at the other end of town. Same house number, apparently, but about 5 miles away. Fortunately they guy was friendly enough to drive over here and drop it off.

If I could I would love to live without paper…

(Andre Borie) #22

Yep had a similar thing a few weeks ago with a letter with the same first line of address but a totally different postcode delivered to me (the actual address was like on the other side of London).

A shredder quickly solved that problem, but it would’ve been a very bad day for the intended recipient if the letter contained confidential info and I had evil intentions…

(Jonathon) #23

I don’t disagree. I just feel I remember seeing something where there are some things that at some point a bank legally must send via mail.

(Sacha) #24

Interesting related article from the FT on helping the homeless with banking