Get Monzo Logo into Font Awesome


I use font awesome icons on my personal website (got a link to my github, twitter, an envelope for mail etc), I use them kinda out of laziness as they’re integrated with the template I use, but I do like the approach of embedding icons as a font and it makes adding them to a html as easy as appending a css class. I know there are other ways of doing it, even using their iconset but they seem to have pretty wide adoption…

Would love to be able to slot my new link in with all my other social media icons.

I checked their site for how we can get new icons into the set - seems they want you to open an issue over on their github page (dumped the relevant section below). A quick search shows nothing open yet around getting the Monzo logo in there…

What does everyone think, shall I open one up? Seems cool to me, but you guys may already have plans / concerns (not sure what the licencing deal is given the logo is your TM… but twitter and facebook are on there so guess you don’t give anything away…)

I’d suggest we pitch for fa-monzo unless there’s a specific logo for

Also would be good if I could get some good reference stuff - is there a press/web pack anywhere where I can get good SVGs or PNGs to post along with the request (only got ones from google play and wikimedia so far), is there any link to an offical source? Also… if there was a monotone one that might be useful?

Good/Bad idea?

Requesting New Icons

New icons mostly start as requests by the Font Awesome community on GitHub. Want to request a new icon? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Please be nice. Font Awesome is a happy place.
  • Please search to see if your icon request already exists. If a request is found, please add a :+1: reaction to that one.
  • Please make requests for single icons, unless you are requesting a couple of strictly related icons (e.g., thumbs-up/thumbs-down).
  • Please and thank you if you include the following:
  • Title your new issue Icon request: icon-name (e.g., Icon request: icon-car).
  • Include a few use cases for your requested icon. How do you plan on using it?
  • Attach a single color image or two that represent the idea you’re going for.
  • Request concrete objects: it’s harder to make an icon to represent happiness, it’s easier to make a smiley face.

[Correction, earlier i’d said they want you to open a pull request, just seen on another issue that they don’t accept PRs containing icons… so GH issues only…]

Just found this link: press kit should do nicely…

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Nice idea. But everyone would just be better off using a custom build of font awesome where you can import custom SVGs or using SVG icons instead of a font file. Importing a large font file where the majority of glyphs are unused isn’t good for performance.

Webpack FTW

Font Awesome is available on icomoon, along with many other icon packs. It allows you to pick out the icons you specifically need rather than having a huge collection mostly unused. Plus you can import any svg file and it’ll become an icon.

@beningreenjam I’ve seen Icomoon, it’s a good shout and given the lead times on getting stuff into FA, is probably what I’ll go with @thomaswelton hadn’t come across webpack will investigate.

That said (and Tom, i agree on performance), I think there’s something to be said for getting Monzo included by default on such a well used iconset, seems like a good idea to persue the lowest bar possible when it’s as easy as a good GH issue. Seems good for Monzo’s visibility as much as anything else.

I’ll probably work around it for my site, but then i’m happy to hack about a bit. Others might not be!

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Hey @huw I think this is an excellent idea, thanks a lot for pushing it forward :heart:

I see you already got :monzo: logo in SVG. Do you need something else from me? Thanks!

I think… I’ve got everything I need now. If there’s no objections from you I’ll open one and see what happens.

Will also write up any workaround I make in the meantime and post it back here for anyone seeking a similar copy paste solution for their own markup.


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Actually sorry @hugo, just seen that they request a single color example of what you’re going for. Don’t spose you have a single color svg lurking around anywhere?



Now we wait…