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I’m new to Monzo and exploring a bit. What I would like to know is can I get an extra debit card on my Monzo account where I can transfer funds from the one card to the other?

Furthermore, what are the fees invloved to have this debit card? I travel abroad for business and would like to leave one debit card for my children while using another in SA? Is this possible.

Thank you very much in advance.


You cannot have two physical cards active at once for one account.

You could have a personal account and a joint account, meaning you have two accounts (with one financially linked to another person) and therefore two separate cards with one on each of the two accounts.

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This is an area where a Starling is better than Monzo.

See Starling Connected card and Starling Kite.


Sounds like you want a Revolut account. It offers Junior accounts and will send you spare cards.


Revolut is the way forward here.

Starling a good choice for overseas, and costs £2 per child.

Monzo you can fudge a second card via Curve but I wouldn’t advise using in this situation where one person is outside the country as it’ll probably flag fraud each time.

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Thank you for the advice everyone!

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