Get a free wallet


Do you want a free amazing wallet for your Monzo card follow my referral link

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Insert your email then refer 10 friends


Looks like a pyramid scheme. You only get a free wallet if you refer 10 people.

You should really mention you are trying to get referrals through the link.


I already get my wallet, I only want to share it because it’s amazing. (I don’t work for wallet company for transparency as you required)

(Allie) #4

‘RFID Protected’ is a fancy way of saying ‘breaks contactless - intentionally - so you can’t use it as a travelcard wallet’. Boo.


It does look like you can put a card outside of the RFID sheet, so hopefully it would still work.

(Gareth) #6

Or make your own…

(Joseph Brown) #7

My link if you please :smiley:

I’ll update once I’ve got 10 :+1:

EDIT: Have got 10 you can move to the next link :smiley:


After the above has been used up please use mine: :+1: