Get £40 for spending with Monzo?

Glad I’m not a Monzo investor. Although i suppose they could be doing a very limited test to gather data

On the one hand, it’s good to see Monzo trying to convert occasional users to ‘Full Monzo’.

On the other hand, bit disappointing to realise that I’ll never get the offer, as I could meet the ‘use 5 times’ condition before the end of the day, never mind next week. :sob:


The are just testing it. Good time to stop using your Monzo for a bit, see if you can get £40 out of it :smile:


Don’t use my Monzo debit card anyway :man_shrugging:

Been using Chase for everyday spend since they launched, so it’s been more than a year I’ve used my Monzo debit card.

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Same :+1:

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The £40 seems high, but otherwise this is hard to distinguish from any other debit card cashback scheme.

Other than the fact that there’s no % defined? Spend any amount and still get £40. You could literally end up with a cashback rate of several 1000%s


This seems to mean that that loyalty to Monzo costs you. Very unfair.

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Not unfair at all.

That’s how customer acquisition/marketing works.


What do you mean by ‘loyalty?’

It’s a word that comes up here every now and again and I’ve never really understood what people mean when they use it.

If a business gives good service or good value for money and a customer continues to use that business, it’s not loyalty - it’s commerce.

If a business is a bit rubbish but a customer continues to use them out of a sense of wanting to support the business come what may, that’s loyalty.

It always seems to me that when people say they are loyal customers they are implying that the business is a bit rubbish.


Well I use Monzo, not just for their features but because I believe that they are doing good, and changing banking for the better. I can easily choose to use my Chase account for cashback but I choose not too because I don’t think their brand is too ethical…

Nationwide get it right… they offer cashbacks for existing customers too.

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For all we know, they could be something in the pipeline like that for current monzo customers.

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4 penny sweets purchased. :sweat_smile:


They’re 10p these days!


Would need to be 5 penny sweets surely?

Oh aye. :joy:

Ive no idea why I seen 4 transactions :upside_down_face:

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Probably the 4 in £40 part of the promo playing tricks.