German app-only bank N26 gears up for UK launch

(Excited about Christmas) #108

Ahhh…can’t compete with that!

(Patrick) #109

I’m thinking of ‘losing’ my Amex card so I can get one of these new ones. I have the gold version.

(Allie) #110

No need. Call and ask honestly. They’ll do it.

(Valeri) #111

What’s the diff?

(Patrick) #112

The card they’ve been issuing for the last few months is semi transparent - you can see the RFID antenna inside it and it has a cool blue square hologram thing in the middle.

It’s purely cosmetic - I think the new ones look really cool.

(Allie) #113

They do - they’ve been available in the US for years (though for a large part of that time without contactless, they originally had contactless, then they removed it, now they have it again), and I’m glad they finally brought them here! And on a product I already had…

(Allie) #115

I have the same combo. I don’t use the cash one tho because MR points are worth far more to me (convert to Delta SkyMiles and get at least one pence per point in value).

(Allie) #117

The rewards are very good converted to the right partners, but APR really isn’t worth considering. There are so many cheaper ways to borrow than a credit card.


Interested in comparing to Monzo/Starling but have a question about something that isn’t quite clear above.

To those who are used to German customer service:
When you comment on it being particularly direct or perhaps an issue that customers of N26 might have to get used to, is German customer service still better than the “customer service” from Revolut?

(Mods: Not being mean about a competitor. Genuinely would avoid anyone like Revolut. Would be keen to try N26 as long as they are prompt and effective responding to queries.)

(Allie) #119

Absolutely. German customer service may be direct to the point of rudeness by my standards, but they get things done. Revolut is, in my experience, a joke.

(Matthew Phillips) #120

Revolut customer service is sometimes OK, but sometimes it’s awful, in my experience.

(Allie) #121

That’s fair and probably true of any company. My own experiences were awful.

(Simon B) #122

I’ve had a long standing issue with N26 for a couple of months. Nothing serious, but they insist that I need to call them to resolve it and aren’t able to solve it via email or chat, which is a little annoying.

I can’t really comment too much on the quality of customer service of competitors as I have a fairly obvious bias :joy:

(Excited about Christmas) #123

Not as bad as Tandem! To make you call for everything and then work 8-6 M-F is quite ridiculous.

(Patrick) #124

Yeah, Tandem is very slow going progress wise. Can’t make a payment or set up your direct debit in app, can’t view your accumulating cash back, can’t view or change any of your details… Can’t view required payment… They send paper statements…

It is literally an unrefined list of transactions.

(Geoff Pascoe) #125

How do you pay your bill? Do they give you an account for sending money to on the paper statement? Curious as I have a card on the way, but obviously haven’t received a statement yet…

(Excited about Christmas) #126

Yes - it’s just like the 80s :wink:

(Excited about Christmas) #127

Just got my phone bill for a trip to the States. Turns out I got £15 in cashback for over £3000 of spend…and spent £20 having to call them every time they blocked my card with no communication. Now where’s that shredder…?

(Patrick) #128

You pay via bank transfer. (I believe there’s also an old school giro slip on the statement too).

(Matthew Phillips) #129

I tried to apply for the Tandem Credit card but was rejected for some reason. It sounds like I’m not really missing out though.