German app-only bank N26 gears up for UK launch

(Matthew Phillips) #83

German customer service sounds like an exellent proposition.

(Allie) #84

I think it depends on taste. For example, when I changed energy supplier, because I had to do it over the phone due to their website not having gender neutral titles, we ended up in a conversation about gender identity and stuff. I thought it was great, they were so friendly, and they’re an awesome supplier. They didn’t push the topic it just happened as a result of my request. I can’t imagine that happening in Germany.

I like that… The idea that we are humans interacting with each other as such, even if our paths in this life may only cross once for ten minutes.

Other people may prefer simple, direct and to the point service with no such pleasantries. Neither is wrong at all.

It would be cool if you could add a flag to your account ‘I like to be spoken to as a fellow being adventuring on this ball of soil and water being tossed around the sun for no apparent higher purpose so let’s laugh about it’ or ‘I prefer to get straight to banking, let me go about my day as quickly and efficiently as possible’.

Neither thought process is wrong or bad, just priorities. But for me, not of that mindset, yeah… I find the latter a bit rude. But they probably feel the opposite :slight_smile:

(Matthew Phillips) #85

Allie, firstly excuse me in advance if I offend you on the gender neutral titles. I think a flag is a good idea but I’d be surprised if they implimented it. It’ll be interesting to see how they do impliment it when they finally launch.

(Allie) #86

Lol but you didn’t say anything on titles. I’m not sure how it could be implemented but ultimately I think all companies should be aiming to hyper personalise customer experiences. The problem is then you’re looking staff capable for far more empathy than typical.

(Matthew Phillips) #87

After having put that first bit, I decided to steer clear of titles. Having worked in customer services I understand how hard it can be to empathise with people sometimes.

(Allie) #88

The thing with titles is it should just be common sense. You shouldn’t need to see the value in it. Call people what they want to be called. If you have a customer who wants to be called Donald Trump, call them Donald Trump. Anything. Basic respect.

(Matthew Phillips) #89

That’s a very refreshing point of view.

(Matthew Phillips) #90

Not sure our hypothetical Donald Trump customer would agree though!

(Allie) #92

It’s not too common to not have either no title or Mx. Sometimes it takes a little human intervention, unfortunately. But that’s getting much better.

(Allie) #94

That’s stupid because most titles have no connection to anything legal. The worst is ‘legal gender checks’ like 3 (contract not prepay) have where they enforce you use a title ‘matching’ the gender on your ID.

That problem is extremely rare. Most companies have no issue with people with male on their ID using Ms/Mrs/Miss and people with female on their ID using Mr. That said, changing can be ignored. I’m Mrs on Noddle. I asked them a couple times to change it to Ms (they don’t have Mx, total misclick during sign-up) but got no reply at all. Changing my legal name with them was easier, and I asked them to change title during that and they still didn’t! Oh well, if they want to think I’m married I don’t care. Let CallCredit know a little less about me :slight_smile: they aren’t printing it on anything to show others.

(Allie) #96

The thing is technically I’m not sure if they actually check the ‘gender’ field matches ID. I just know they check it ‘matches’ title. It shouldn’t be asked.

And to keep this on topic does anyone know how they N26 handles being trans inclusive? Monzo does perfectly. No asking things that are irrelevant to banking…


Cool. I tried it ages ago with a non-UK / non-German address. Other problems included it formatting non-German addresses in a German style layout

(Simon B) #100

Just had a look inside my N26 app, there’s no titles anywhere :+1:

(Allie) #101

Awesome! Thank you, as always, Simon :heart:

(Jonathan) #102

I agree to this as I work with a couple of offices in Germany and have a few German friends, this experience of working with Germans has changed the way I work :joy:

(Excited about Christmas) #103

Anyone know how long their queue is?


Us Brits love a good queue. :grinning:

(Excited about Christmas) #105

How have you got it already? Are they already open?


I don’t think they open in UK yet but some of us may have it already due to opening it with our properties abroad

(Simon B) #107

I signed up whilst in Holland :slightly_smiling_face: