German app-only bank N26 gears up for UK launch


Directly from n26 UK launch page…

‘Being mobile-first also means we built all our products directly for mobile banking. Where more traditional banks are forced to rely on legacy or third-party technology, we are in full control of the customer experience. This makes it easy for us to continuously improve and fine-tune our product for customers’ needs.’

The full page…

So it would appear they’re in house?


Either way, I’ve already expressed my interest!!

(Allie) #44

Nice, it’ll be one of the few unembossed cards in the UK, something I mentioned in another post… would sure be nice to see Monzo/others counter this, ideally in a non-premium account. The embossing just takes so much wallet space and looks bad so quickly! Am I the only one who finds the unembossed card a major selling point on this account? Not enough to get me to PAY for a current account, but still appealing.


To me unembossed looks cheap and embossed looks more premium

(Allie) #46

I’d argue you haven’t seen really nice unembossed cards then. Look at the N26 black card. Clear bottom, unembossed printing on the back, etc.

With unembossed cards, the printing CAN last ages if done well (saw an example on here of what was basically a typewriter, that looks awful and rubs off of course). Your driving licence isn’t embossed and certainly is a very nice card design. Embossing starts to wear and look bad almost immediately.


I personally don’t like the see thru cards, but each to their own…give me hot coral any day


I found this blog really interesting. Details and reviews about N26 from an actual user

(Allie) #49

Fair enough, I was so excited last month when I got my British Amex card in the clear design (which has been in the US for years, and I think was in the UK many years ago). It’s still embossed, like all Amex cards, unfortunately, but it’s still an absolutely gorgeous card design - mostly clear, with a holographic blue square. Visible contactless antenna, very shiny… gorgeous card.


50K downloads only there will be some just downloading and not doing anything some will fail ID checks etc…
I think 2018 is going to be interesting things will start to become more clear around development and features. A significant established player N26 will launch in UK, by end of next year we will get an idea who is really on top.

Monzo are my obvious favourite so I’ll be sticking by. :mondo:

(Allie) #51

N26 isn’t really going to be that amazing. In Ireland, it’s only a free account for early sign ups. They’re German and not used to offering free banking. There are cultural issues that I think will make it difficult for them here, unless they change their product significantly.

(Valeri) #52

In Germany they offer two private customer products - the N26 card which is completely free and the black card which has monthly fee which is fair enough as it includes insurance:

Having some competition is a good thing. Also they have a web app (I know quite a few people like that feature, sometimes it is nice to access your accounts from your desktop browser for a change).

Sorry for the off-topic. :sweat:

Yay 50k+ users live on the CA :blush:

(Allie) #53

Much better than in Ireland where the free account won’t include a debit card after the first set of sign-ups (unless this is a marketing ploy they’ll extend indefinitely).

There’s a lot very nice about N26, no doubt. It’s an interesting space to watch!


It’s transparent too - fun to show the contactless antenna

(Allie) #55

American Express finally is offering a card with this design in the UK, and it’s a card I already had (the Rewards Credit Card). It’s a free card that earns MR points, and I just love the design. They’ve offered it in the US for years, and I agree… it’s great.

But… I actually like the hot coral more.

Maybe we could have a ‘best of both worlds’ card that was translucent hot coral?


Are the rest dead? :sunglasses:


I like the look of N26 but app store reviews lately are terrible for it…


I suggest we can take this at the thread below just don’t want to mess-up this one with N26 discussions :slight_smile:

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(Jonathan) #59

N26 are going to launch N26 Metal soon in some EU countries

No idea on pricing yet but they claim to have full benefits of Mastercard’s World Elite (including airport lounge access) and not selective ones that you get from N26 Black. I hope this would be about €10-15 p.m

(Edward) #60

I’d joked about a Tungsten-cored card, but I didn’t expect someone to go and make one!

Tungsten-cored Monzo card when?

(Terry) #61

The metal card looks good, it sates you would get access to MasterCard Elite perks including free travel insurance, what exactly qualifies a card to have these perks? Is there any reason why Monzo couldn’t make Debit card with MasterCard elite perks?