German app-only bank N26 gears up for UK launch


Its free in EU from what I can see so wouldn’t that make it:
0% EU
1.7% RoW

Maybe I’m misreading?

(Bob) #23

Currently that is true, as N26 is currently a euro account so withdrawing euros would not incur a foreign transaction fee.
Their foreign ATM withdrawal fees attract a 1.7% fee, so withdrawing euros from an N26 GBP account would incur this fee under current policy.


Soon we could be RoW after Brexit!!

They are a Euro based bank, be interesting if they offer this to £ accounts, 0% for Euros for UK based accounts.


Probably Rest of World. I thought their fees based on home currency or other currency so if you use Euro great as there are lots of other countries using it but if you use Zloty or now Pounds then you will be paying when you go to the Eurozone. Their charges are based on currency not country.

(Loco) #26

N26 will be a big competitor in the UK. They are working to come to the UK, but that might not be this year. Rumours said, they are going to apply for a UK banking license.

Not to forget: N26 is far beyond Monzo in some points:

  • Apple Pay (for the beginning just: France, Italy and Spain) will probably be activated this Wednesday
  • Savings (although interest rates are not that high, they working with a partner and offering up to 1.6%)
  • Overdraft (now available in Austria, next to Germany for insanely cheap 8.9%)
  • Invest (just Germany at the moment)
  • Insurance (just Germany at the moment) where you a overview and make claims

Up to come:

  • Shared accounts (where you can make as many as you want, also with your friends or roommates)
  • many more :sweat_smile:

They may not offering a support that fast like monzo, but its seems they’re working on it. They recently introduced in-app-livechat on iOS.

N26 is also working on expanding to the US! See their job descriptions.

There is an English speaking Facebook group for N26, maybe someone of you is interested in joining:


N26 just confirmed Black Card WILL be offered in the UK (19:00 hrs today)

(Kevyn) #28

Just signed up to the email for early access and just waiting for their reply. Interesting development.

(Jonathan) #29

I’m actually looking forward to N26 finally coming to the UK as, been patiently waiting for it for about 18 months and this is before I discovered Monzo

The Black Premium option of their account looks rather good at €5,90 (not sure what they’ll charge for the UK), however there is a minimum term of 12 months so you can’t cancel when you want before then. Their insurance partner for the Black account is at least with a recognised company (Allianz) unlike Revolut


They have also confirmed the insurance will be offered in the UK too

(Jonathan) #31


Either way how you look at it, their premium account is significantly cheaper than those offered by the big UK banks such as Natwest Black, Lloyds Platinum Account and Halifax Ultimate Reward Current Account

I hope they charge something like £5.30-£5.50 p.m, just imagine how many premium customers they would gain

(Jolin) #32

Has N26 said whether or not they will be direct participants in Faster Payments? Until Monzo, I’ve been using a current account that wasn’t and it’s pretty annoying not having instant transfers between banks.

(Jonathan) #33

More info at

Prices and what you get at

(Anthony Philip) #34

I’ve signed up too and really excited.

(Jonathan) #35

Maybe send them a message on FB or tweet them about that, I’d hope they do as they have something similar in place for sending Euros


Here is the link to the tweet confirmation of what @anon44204028 said - They will also be offering Business accounts


This will concern me I will be tempted but this is like a voice saying ‘be aware’ - Hope they are not going to go with GPS here. We need some good competition and outages are just too bad for all the FinTech challengers.


Their Facebook comment:
“There will be a black card available with insurances!”

(Kevyn) #39

Didn’t Monzo CA have a major outage last week? Didn’t the prepaid card have a fun whole week the week before? Downtime will happen, what matters is if it is down often. I still plan to use Monzo, but its always good to try the competition. I’ve looked at Starling and am currently closing it.

(Jonathan) #40

It would be great to know who their payment processor is to be honest, with GPS causing more havoc than good, I’d hope that N26 with have either their own payment processor either in the UK or Germany

(Kevyn) #41

Well from their website it states:

Starting in October 2016, we asked our existing customers to transfer their NUMBER26 accounts from our old partner bank Wirecard Bank AG to N26 Bank. The account transfer period concluded in early 2017, this also marked the end of the cooperation with our old banking partner.

So it hints that they took control from Wirecard, but doesn’t say it is their own processing.

This from Mastercard also implies it is N26’s own, but doesn’t actually say so.

What exactly does Mastercard offer you as a partner?
Mastercard provides N26 with issuing and processing solutions that are essential for offering our product to the customer. Beyond this, they consult us with technical questions all around the topic of payment. Especially this knowledge support is priceless to us.