German app-only bank N26 gears up for UK launch


That could be either the exact middle of the total of all customers added together and divided by the number of customers, but if the average is used to mean the most commonly seen customer then a few on the same higher (or lower) than average wage does give an “average” customer that while reflective of people is not reflective of monetary amounts. Hence averages having to be taken cautiously, they are a tool politicians and PR guys love to use in order to paint a picture in a more favourable manner. I am not saying Tom is doing that, just that you have to be very careful with the word ‘average’ when it is not clarified further! (I would pick any company up on this point, I am not picking on Monzo)

This (types of average) is about the only thing that sunk in in primary school :wink:

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700k is from here: Almost at 700,000 users! (Update: We're there!)

15% was from an Open office I went to recently, think it was April - where Tom was talking about Current account switching and that sort of thing. Vid should be on Youtube

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Totally agree, very back of the envelope to estimate an rough order of magnitude. It will be an issue in these estimates particularly if there is a correlation between salary level and propensity to switch salary into Monzo, which is plausible i suppose

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That analysis shows what the top %15 are doing (i.e. the ones that put in all their salary). Most users are active and are clearly adding money in other ways so this number is way below the total amount at a guess. My guess is at least double this…

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Yep, about double was my guess too…

So it would be a reasonable guess that Monzo is above £500m per month, and therefore at a broadly comparable scale to N26


Do you think this will bring competition to Monzo and Starling, or do you think N26 will appeal to a completely different customer sector?


I think it is more likely to create competition for the likes of Revolut

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This saga seems to have gone on forever. Surely if it was going to take this long for a UK launch they’d have been far better keeping quiet until further down the line than making a big noise then nothing. I’m pretty sure they originally said about it in 2016, it’s painful how slow it is. The chat people either havent got the faintest idea whats happening or have been told to say nothing as they are all completely clueless.


Most recent email update for those who subscribed ages ago:

Wondering about your early access to N26?

Hey there,

Judging by the buzz on social media since we announced the early access launch of N26 UK this month, so many of you are excited to get started and we’ve loved hearing about it!

We’ve been listening to our followers in the UK and wanted to address some of the biggest-hitting questions surrounding N26 beta and early access right now.

How does early access to N26 beta work?
As you might already know, N26 beta takes place during the period before public launch, where people who signed up to the early access waiting list will receive a unique email activation link that lets them set up an N26 bank account earlier than those who didn’t.

The email containing this link will be sent out to you sometime between now and the public launch in late November.

N26 coming soon

When will I get my early access?
Early access to N26 won’t begin at the same time for everyone on the waiting list. In order to ensure we can obtain feedback from each new group of customers about their experience along the way, we’ll be sending out the personalised activation-link emails in phased batches. We’ve already started sending out these emails and more batches containing activation-links will be released each day.

Where am I on the list?
With more than 60,000 people on the early access waiting list, unfortunately, we can’t give the exact date when your activation email will arrive, but please bear with us! If an invite doesn’t hit your inbox straight away, don’t worry – we promise we haven’t forgotten about you.

Why have I had a long wait between sign up and early access?
We’re sorry if the process is going slower than you would have liked. Being in the UK is our debut in a new market and we were determined to get things right, even if that meant taking a bit longer to prepare. (A bit like ordering the soufflé in a fancy restaurant, but with tastier results.)

What about features?
Given it’s early release, N26 beta won’t contain the full range of banking features just yet, although additional products and services will continue to be added over the coming weeks and months. For convenience, we’ll email you when the new features become available.

And finally…
First impressions and feedback from our initial testers are really important to us, so thanks for choosing to come along on this journey. Good things are on the way – and we’re very excited!

Your N26 Team


Hi @rolanddeschain

Most recent discussions are in this thread:


Can you bump it over @glasgow? I posted here as the other one was titled feedback, rather than launch updates.


I’ll leave it in this thread since the email had already been posted twice in the linked thread :+1:t2:

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Someone better tell them… April 1st was a while back…


anyone opened a uk account with them if you have a german ane already?


If you have an N26 account (or have ever had one), you can’t open a UK account.

I’m unable to open a UK account due to having previously held a German account with them (closed in 2017).

They are planning to lift this restriction in the future.

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If my experience of N26 is anything to go by, I suspect you’ll not be itching to grab that UK account. (Though thinking about it, perhaps your German account had a bit more about it?).


What are people using N26 for out of interest?

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Not using. Seeing how it develops

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Same. I stuck £20 on it the other day and it works as expected. The app UI is nice, and the category icons are nice and clean, but no Apple Pay is annoying.

Also, does anyone else get in-app notifications (iOS) where the text size is insanely small?

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Yes :sob: