General Samsung / Android thoughts

(Richard) #21

Amazon were at quite a disadvantage in that regards. They had no unique selling point and no initial phone customer base. Samsung has a customer base to start from and a very large one at that. Not providing Google Maps or YouTube could just be considered as a further monopolisation tactic by Google and would relate exactly to what they’ve just been fined for (preventing forking on Android).

If that was the case Google wouldn’t of just been hit with $5bn fine for the conditions it puts on phone manufacturers for using Android services. Android doesn’t exist separately - it serves the purpose Google has for it.

(Simon B) #22

Cyanogen doesn’t exist anymore, but yes - with many of the devices they supported, they rolled out updates the same day the code was made available.

Sony, like most OEMs do have a customised layer of their own software - it’s incredibly light compared to TouchWiz. However, in the past they have also offered “Concept” ROMs to their developer base which essentially ran stock Android and received quick updates. Essential Phone recently had a Day 1 update to Pie. Have Samsung committed to a timeframe for updating their flagships to Pie yet? If so, is it days, weeks or months?

Google have never stopped anyone forking Android, by the way. The Google services at the heart of the fine have always been proprietary and most are things that didn’t exist when Android first began. The fine is unjust and shows a lack of understanding of how Android works, but that’s another topic.


Oh I am sorry but I can’t resist pointing out that this statement is just like Trump trying to convince :rofl:


I am not sure even Google will agree on this. The company which made Android the most used mobile phone system has hurt it… :sob:

All the things you said about Samsung apply to Apple by the way. Google made an open source system it’s not like Samsung stole it or something.

(Simon B) #25

Well, Google is not a company of monolithic thought where everyone has the same opinion. I have friends and family who work there, in Mountain View and we discuss this a lot.

It’s also possible to help an ecosystem in some ways and hurt it in others, and to me it’s fairly obvious that, for example, Samsung cloning the iOS UI and being the target of a very high profile lawsuit from Apple because of it is something that hurt the perception of Android amongst the general public.

(Richard) #26

Yes Samsung do take a while to update their phones but the developers of Android haven’t made it easy either. It’s only since version 8 with Project Treble that Android has finally made the system modular preventing a total rebuild which is what has had to happen previously. Samsung still also have customisations to the UI that need to be tested but hopefully updates will come quicker.

In the end the biggest issue with Android is not the speed of the updates (who cares about a few months??) it’s the fact that the updates don’t happen. Samsung has updated their device for 2 years just as Google devices have been. I believe with the Pixel this is now 3 years but that is still poor. I believe Apple does something close to 6 at the moment.

Android as a system has some failings but ultimately these are decisions made by Google. The manufacturers have taken advantage of them.

The problem is that these services are now considered to be Android. It can be wrapped up anyway you want but ultimately refusing to provide these services if the OS is forked is ultimately saying you can’t have Android and that is how it would appear to the average consumer. Most manufactures won’t risk that meaning Google has effectively removed any competition.