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Hm, fair point.

I guess that was something they weren’t allowed to charge for before that they then could though, rather than starting to charge for accounts when there’s no regulatory changes necessary to be able to.

I do also think people care a lot less about EU roaming. Banking, on the other hand, impacts essentially everyone and it’s difficult nowadays to not have a current account, whereas you can just not roam when abroad.


I mean they will care about banks more, that’s ridiculously obvious but it doesnt negate the roaming charge angst, I dont know a single person (who goes on holiday) who doesn’t hate the roaming charges for mobiles and using cash machines especially when all the networks said they wouldnt.

In many countries they extract exhorbitant fees, and that’s bad. But I am all for paying for your bank as a service, rather than having them have to make money from you in other ways.


The danger would be that we end up paying for a banking service AND them making money from us in other ways.



Fee free banking is rare in europe.

Well, it’s a complex topic but multiple components. But remember the old adage that if you don’t pay for the product then you are the product? Well, that’s going to inevitably apply because: Capitalism. So schematically, I much prefer to pay for the product so that the bank makes the product in my interests. It’s about alignment. Look at how so many companies have flailed around and in the end sold their users out to advertisers. Google search is now unusable. Facebook is a conduit for ragebait. I’ve worked in companies where due to a lack of direct income stream that’s congruent with user interests that the product which I loved was hollowed out and eventually died, because all that mattered was what the advertisers wanted. So while Monzo isn’t selling out to advertisers, they can and will end up more and more influenced by channels that aren’t aligned with your or my interests. Best to pay.

Some data here about branch closures.

Bank branch closures: is your local bank closing? - Which?


Pretty meaningless without percentages.


I wouldn’t say it was “meaningless”, just need to be careful about what conclusions you make from it.

Used to have 4 banks where I live and now we have 0 so if I wanted to go into a branch I’d have to go to the next town over which only has Virgin Money and a Barclays.

Feel like Wrexham has had the same banks for many years.

You can put a postcode into the checker on the article linked to see if any banks are closing/have closed recently in your area.

0 closures.

Barclays in the industrial estate closed in 2021 but that’s understandable given the advancements we have with tech.

The city centre is all good.


Use them or lose them. We used to have eight in walking distance and are down to one. Only ourselves to blame as we all started doing stuff online.

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I’ve no need for them.

Ours feed many local towns and villages and to be fair, always someone in them.

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These are utterly meaningless without any context.

Barclays closing 200 branches would mean something very different if Barclays had 5,000 branches to begin with, than if Barclays had 210 branches to begin with.

It is context which gives statistics meaning, not just numbers.


That’s pretty cool, I like it.