General Election 2024

Spoiling your ballot would still be completely valid.

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It’s two sides of the same coin in compulsory voting, really. Spoil it or a “none of the above” box achieve the same thing.

I feel more drawn to a box to encourage the behaviour of actually “casting” a vote. It’s a small and minor detail but to me it’s a subtle benefit to a box.


I think a lot of discussion here is also only focusing on the General Election - whereas the breakthrough for Libdems and the Greens in the General Election is because they’ve been focusing on the local elections for the last few years.

In most of the areas those parties made gains - there’s already been a strong Libdem or Green presence - the Green’s now run Bristol City Council for example and now have an MP in the city as well.

Many local councils in the South West have a very strong Lib Dem presence - so, what both those parties did was concentrate there energy and resources into areas they already knew they had supporters.

Local elections is ‘the boring one’. No-one really cares too much, no-one stays up all night to see the results. But, those local elections are where the General Election starts.

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A little hypothetical, seeing as Farage has set up a party round around himself and sadly seems to finally gained a seat. Should Corbyn use his profile to set up a new Left wing party? I think theres enough of a ground swell of people on the left who are looking for a home and I think Corbyn could be a good leader for a party like that.

It was pointed out that there’s 5 or 6 new independent MP’s - all voted on a Supporting Gaza platform which Corbyn would fit in well with. So, they could get together to try and work as a team.

I don’t think any current Labour MP though (even Diane Abbot) would, at this point in time, defect from Labour to any new left wing Corbyn party. They’ll be waiting to see what Keir actually deliveries.

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I did see a post on the Labour Reddit that the Attorney General Starmer has appointed is critical of Israel and that we maybe seeing him start to show his left wing hand a bit more having won a majority that gives him the space to do that…

I guess the big question would be that with a “shallow” majority would they be able to retain a majority next time around? Would they be able to play the game so successfully again? Could they improve turn out and help sure-up the majority by mobilising those were disaffected by some of his more authoritarian tendencies up until now.


(I’m obviously in the mood for a little bit of hypothetical musing :joy:)

It’s day 3 - so quite a way to go until the start of the next election campaign!

The biggest danger really is, and I hate to admit it, is Reform. So the question for Keir (and the Tories as well) is how to fight that.

They can either chase Reform to the right to try and appease those who voted for them. Or, they could try and get to the root causes of dissatisfaction amongst those voters which convince them to vote for that party.

The first option is flashier and more headline grabbing, the 2nd is more longer term and harder to promote but is also (in my opinion) the right way to go.

People do also seem to be forgetting that one of the reasons why Reform did do so well is exactly the same reason why Labour one - it was an anti-Tory vote. If the Tories sort themselves out then there’s a good chance that next election, the Reform percentage will dissolve (esp after 4 or 5 years of there 5 MP’s wasting their time in Parliament and not doing anything other than whinge to the press).


I know :joy:, its just more something I was thinking about while watching Owen Jones’ video about how well the left did at the election.

This is kind of my hope, Farage had already been whinging that they didn’t get enough coverage before the results came out. I have a feeling once the Tory protest vote falls away they’ll be pushed back out to the fringe. But that requires the Tory party to not descend into a massive factional civil war which if judging by their actions over the past few years is a bit of a big if…

I’d argue that the Tories gaining Reform votes will only be as a result of trying to ape their policies and swing further to the right. It’s unlikely to happen, but I feel like there’s space for a new Centre Right party where the Tories traditionally used to be.

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Hmm you shouldn’t be displaying assets that belong to the British Museum :grin:

I am hoping it won’t be too bad but it depends on who the next leader is I guess.
I know a fair few level headed Tory voters who were well and truly disenfranchised by the incompetence of the government. They just want a proper traditional Conservative Party with smarter policies.


Braverman and Mogg realising they needs all the reformers they can get. Wonder how this will play out…

He added that the result was an “alarm bell against the arrogance of presumption that we thought we had a divine right to rule and a divine right to certain voters”.

"We didn’t. We thought our core vote had nowhere else to go. They did.

“And we cannot just assume that the pendulum will swing back to us or that all the Reform voters will suddenly repent. We need to win them over one way or another.”

In Canada the Conservative party dwindled away whilst their Reform party grew. Eventually the two merged and are what’s now called the Conservative party: Reform Party of Canada - Wikipedia

There was a story in the Guardian saying that a poll of Conservative voters showed half of them wanted the Tories and Reform to merge…

Considering the inflammatory crap coming out of Bravermans gob at the moment that would just mean even more culture war claptrap from them for the next 5 years.



That makes no sense at all


“Nigel bad” I think

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TBF That is a pretty true statement of fact there.