General broadband discussion is a weird one, it really doesnt handle fast fast speeds well, it says I am getting 1.2GB but I literally cant be.

iperf is good once you get into it, you can even use it from your phone to your macbook if you have only one pc/laptop.

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Probably monitors the speed to your router not the device.

No because this happens on hardwired 1GB LAN. Its just a quirk of it dealing with high speeds, it was accurate enough on my old FTTC but I wouldnt take any reading as word over 500mb to be honest, it has a habit of going higher than what you actually have as a connection.
I have used hardwired iperf to a server in a DC with 10GB to test net speed with concurrent.
You get but it has a habit of being slower.

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They try to lock you in. Which they wouldn’t be able to do without software modification

Mines bad atm :frowning: got a SNR fault which is causing all sorts of issues

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I think it’s being affected by the brightness of your phone being in light mode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


Light mode for the day, dark mode at night is the way to go, imo

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For Vodafone Broadband customers,

You can upgrade to a faster plan mid contract with no fees (after 6 months I believe, at least on openreach FTTP)

Even though Vodafone advertise a plan for £30 for example it’s really £46 with a 24 month discount of £16 per month, this serves them two purposes, after 24 months your plan increases 50-90% (maybe more) and the year’s rpi+CPI increases are on the top line amount and not the advertised price, giving you a even higher than expected increase.

They dropped the bottom line prices since I upgraded 9 months ago, so I upgraded to better speed for the ‘same’ amount and avoided the rpi increase this year which would be around £6.90 a month or £82 over the year, so if you’re with them have a look at your upgrade options.

It’s not that clear cut because now my price plan is £55 instead of 46 with a £25 discount so £82 savings really isn’t as much as that depending on future increases, but there is savings and I wanted the better speeds.

The early termination fee is actually quite fair (not sure if this is legislated because there’s no way Vodafone would be so generous ) as fttp contracts are 12 months with openreach iirc, so they take off vat then their wholesale openreach charges from months 12-24 in the calculations and then add vat back on that amount, so if I cancelled with 9 months left my etf is only £57.55 according to my order documents, and not £30 x 9 = £270.

Edit, EE also does this fairly cheap early termination fee (probably only for FTTP) so maybe it’s ofcom rules.


Surprisingly I haven’t had any increase from VM - actually was looking forward to getting out without penalty…

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I unsubscribed from the marketing, I get it doesn’t need to be SSL encrypted but still they could either not use it, or use a valid certificate

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So, it turns out Virgin Media display your data usage

That’s a cool feature

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How did you do this?

Log onto the my virgin media app, click on the bills tab and you should see “best bits”

My TalkTalk thing does too, 1.7TB.

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Is this per month?

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Yes, sometimes pushing 2.5

I didn’t realise this was a d*ck–measuring contest.


Looks like I use 0

Probably for the best or Salty McSaltPants will be along to give you trouble for looking :wink:

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