Garmin Pay

Was just about to post the exact same thing. Seems that using Monzo inside Curve is the way forward for Garmin users!

I’ve recently obtained a Garmin watch and use Garmin pay via curve. Excellent work around.

Get a Curve card and link it to Garmin Pay, then link your Monzo card to Curve and your done.

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Another vote for adding Garmin Pay support if at all possible.

I have a garmin watch, I will open up a curve account and use garmin pay on that. Thank you everybody for the tip.

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Any Idea if Monzo has Garmin Pay working with it like Santander does ?

Nope, here’s the thread to vote and chat about it or the lack of it.

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You can use it via Https:// , there’s some curve referral codes floating around the web.

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doesn’t seem that popular with UK banks

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If I was an avid user of Garmin I’d setup a Starling account instead of Monzo.

I’d recommend both anyway to get the bits each other lack.

It’s compatible with:

Vivoactive 3, Music
Vivoactive 4S, 4
Vivomove Style Luxe
Legacy Series
Marq Collection
Forerunner 645, 645 Music
Forerunner 945
Fenix 5S Plus, 5 Plus, 5X Plus
Fenix 6S, 6, 6X, Pro & Sapphire Editions, Pro Solar
D2 Delta, Delta S, Delta PX

I got Android based smartwatch (Ticwatch Pro 4G) just to avoid all these weird payment providers from every other watch :sweat_smile:

Yeah I recently did a thread on what Wear OS and I think the conclusion was TicWatch.

I was going to buy the non 4G version new at £120 but pulled out last minute.

I hadn’t realised its just a two horse race between Mobvoi’s Ticwatch Pro and Fossil (Falster/Mistfit). Moto 360 just released their 3rd gen but its a bit meh for 2020.

I might wait for the Snapdragon 3300 / 429 era.

My TicWatch E developed degrading battery life. It’d go for 2-3 days OK from new, then needed a charge overnight (18-24 months on), then it’s now running out of charge by 2pm each day after an overnight charge. Time for another.

I do like the Moto 360 form-factor (I had the 1st gen), but there isn’t really any WearOS watch which all-round delivers. There’s a compromise somewhere with them all.

Hi @kieranmch I’m curious what the technical complexity is (asking as a technical person in fintech also). Would appreciate any links to specs, etc. Thanks.

He didn’t say complexity, he said effort. So to answer your question, ensuring that it remains compatible with their ever expanding feature set would be one thing :man_shrugging:

Presumably there is also some compliance activity upfront as well, like with Faster Payments and MasterCard

Is this in the pipeline?

No. Not enough demand to warrant it I’m afraid.

:frowning: That’s not great, is any of monzo open source? Can we write our own integrations? Basically can I help in any way so that it can be a feature?