Garmin Pay

Everytime I see this thread I think Goomin Pay is here but it never is :crying_cat_face:

Gammon pay will never be here…

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I’m waiting on Badger Pay. Rumours and promises, but no delivery


Pitty all Monzo’s rivals support it… Might have to open a “fitness” account with them, which will then probably turn into a public transport account, then probably a grocery shopping account and before you know it, why not add my bills on there too?

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All you say?

Do tell…

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+1 +1 +1 for garmin pay please

+1 for Garmin pay, disappointed as Starling have had it for over a year now


Not sure that what Starling do or don’t do is really relevant to what Monzo do!

Due to the lack of Garmin Pay I opened a Starling account a year ago and have been happily paying with my watch the whole time. They support Android Pay too (like everybody else) so I have all options available. I’ve not just moved my main day to day banking (current, savings etc) from Lloyds to Starling. The business would have gone to Monzo if they had supported my watch. It may seem like a trivial thing to many, but it is a very handy way to pay for things when you are a fitness tracker guy and you regularly go out without a wallet and a phone.

Its a shame as I actually as I was a Monzo BETA user and prefer the Monzo app to Starling, but I prefer to have Garmin Pay support over a better app.

If does seem to be a trend though, Starling is quick to adopt new things and Monzo seems quick to say no.


+1 for Garmin Pay please!!!


+1 for Garmin Pay. It would be much appreciated


Still, very disappointed by this. I think it’d be a great addition. Sad to be part of the minority :frowning:

Hey Monzo! Any news on that? More than a year past and now Garmin 945 are very popular between active professionals. Seems like Starling is a workaround for now.

Check the list of banks, supporting it in other countries:

Garmin is no 1 choice of people, who do running, cycling and triathlon.
It’s very popular nowadays, especially in big cities, like London.

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It’s not, miles behind Apple Watch for example, and if there was a next payments platform to support, it would be Samsung Pay first, before, and I know I’ll get grief for this, but niche services like Fitbit and Garmin pay

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It should be both! If other banks even in not developed countries can do it - it should not be a big deal.
Juts a matter of will. Looks, like Monzo doesn’t want it.

Monzo really doesn’t support Garmin Pay? - Wow, I’m just ordering a Garmin Watch now and thought the pay features would be pretty useful… I do love Monzo, but i gather Starling is very similar so I may just jump over to Starling instead.

Based on the reading, Monzo seems quite behind (shockingly, considering how progressive they seem to be) on all the latest payment methods.

Welcome to the community, but quite a bold entrance

Each new payment method brings with it a world of pain - think of the press coverage everytime someone’s card does not work even with the major networks that the banks keep their beadiest eye on

Starling for now benefit from extra payment methods because they use GPS as a third party payment processor

However GPS are also not the most stable it seems, as evidenced by Revolut deciding it is time to bring it in house

That might result in Revolut (and maybe later Starling) having to make the same difficult decisions with regards to which payment methods are worthy of full support

Easier to say than do

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I’ve been using monzo for several years but am switching over to Starling due to Garmin Pay. It’s a shame but when I’m out running I don’t want to carry my phone, wallet or card. Having payments supported on my watch is a great feature which is really useful for runners so I have to make the switch.


Shame really. I wish I had looked at the bank providers for Garmin Pay prior to signing up to Monzo - only 5 banks in the UK provide it and Starling is one of them. I’ll continue with Monzo until January, when no doubt i’ll be part of the new years resolution runners again using a new Garmin Christmas present!

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