Garmin Pay

(Tony) #41

Another plus for Garmin Pay…please

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #42

Where is Garmin Pay is Garmin Pay here yet??

I swear if Fitbit Pay comes first shizzle is gonna get real!!

(Jack) #43

Time my friend time…

(SC Cracana) #44

Hi. Not sure if this was discussed already or not but do you guys intend to support garmin pay?

(Andy) #45

Hi @Sorin popped your question in to the existing garmin thread. Unfortunately no public plans in to introduce garmin Pay at present. :confused:


+1 for Garmin Pay, considering the move to Starling (which is a real shame as my Monzo experience has been awesome!)

(Daniel Gorringe) #47


1st post on the forum. Loving my monzo account and app.

+1 for garmin pay.
Prefer monzo to Starling, but no point running loads of accounts.


(Bendik Hallstensen) #48

1+ for Garmin Pay.

Any updates here?

(Jack) #49

Nothing I’m afraid. Latest update here:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #50

+1 for Garmin Pay

(Peter Roberts) #51

I keep my Starling account with an overdraft setup solely to use Garmin Pay so a +1 from me also

(Zade Kersh) #52

Can we please get Monzo on board with Garmin Pay. Would be awesome to have In the alps so I don’t have to take my wallet snowboarding with me! :ok_hand:


(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #54

Yay Garmin Pay!!!

(Nick Brown) #55

Garmin Pay was the primary reason I choose Starling over Monzo.
I now use Garmin pay from my watch almost daily.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #56

Is Garmin Pay here yet?

I am ready for Garmin Pay


(Richard) #57

No Garmin pay… until we get Fitbit pay :wink:

(Wayne Lee) #58

yep, Garmin Pay yes please, sold my apple watch to get a Fenix 5+!


+1 From me also. Seriously considering starling bank due to the lack of support from Monzo

(Eric T) #60

+1 from me! I want to get rid of my santander account forever!