Garmin Pay

(Anton Iakimov) #21

Garmin watches are a much more preferable solution than Apple Watch.
I understand that audience is smaller than Apple/Android ones.
But please add this feature, as soon as you can!

(Anton Iakimov) #22

This feature should not be “that” difficult.
Have a look here:
5 UK banks, almost all Russian major banks (the country I’m from)

(Peter Roberts) #23

Wow, it was only one UK bank last week! Thanks for the update!


I see Starling Bank now support Garmin Pay. I guess it depends on how much effort. There are a lot of Garmin watches out there.


One more comment. This could be a competition thing. I’ve been a loyal customer of Monzo but see a competitor offering similar features plus I have a Garmin watch. I’m disappointed to hear it is not even on your roadmap. Hope you folks will reconsider.

(Peter Roberts) #26

I use Starling daily now due to Garmin Pay support. It’s Monzo’s choice but to think about supporting it yet but all I know is that part of my use of Monzo now goes to Starling :man_shrugging:

It’s great that we have all these awesome banking options these days!

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #27

I saw this and thought Garmin Pay was here!

When is Garmin Pay coming?

(Andre Borie) #28

The payment processing side is the same, but provisioning is different for each solution. Once a card is provisioned, payments will use the same system they originally built for Google Pay (and that currently powers Apple Pay too), but the provisioning part is unique to each solution - sadly nobody wants to settle on an universal API.

(Jack) #29

Something tells me it would be Apple who dig their heels in regarding this. They don’t seem to like sharing much!

(Andre Borie) #30

Well Google and Samsung aren’t much better in that regard.

I know Apple would never open up, but if at least Google did it then we wouldn’t have Samsung, Garmin & Fitbit Pay and they would all just use Google’s.


+1 Garmin Pay


From Starling’s website
“Can I use other devices to pay with my Starling debit card?

Absolutely. We want to connect to all the latest technology so that more customers can use their smartphone and wearable devices as a fast and secure way to pay with Starling. We’re making money on the go easy. So far, Starling customers can connect to:

Apple Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay
FitBit Pay”

Looks like Starling’s strategy is different from Monzo. They are supporting all wallet types.

Going to give them a look. They also offer interest rates on their current account and free unlimited cash withdrawals abroad.


And Garmin Pay!

(Andre Borie) #34

They’re missing Badger Pay though.


+1 for Garmin Pay

Those of us who want Garmin Pay should also consider asking Curve to support it. Max, a French Curve-like card, supports Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Garmin Pay. As a result any French debit or credit card can be indirectly connected with any of these services via Max.

(Andre Borie) #36

Screenshot? That looks interesting but it just loads a blank page for me.


Not sure why its not loading for you. Page works for me on multiple browsers and devices.
Anyway here are some screenshots, via Google Translate…

(Paul Garner) #38


It would be great to see Garmin Pay integration. It was upsetting to see Starling on their list but not Monzo…

Any ideas?

(MikeF) #39

Nope, no ideas. They’ve been fairly clear that it’s not in any current plans.

(Ade) #40

+1 for Garmin; already use Apple pay but love running with just my Garmin watch… no phone…