Garmin Pay: When will I be able to buy oat milk with my watch?

I am using both (for now at least) so have Monzo on Google Pay on phone and Starling on Garmin Pay on the watch. I would ideally prefer Monzo on both (and am astonished, despite the believable arguments about erxtra work - when has that ever stopped Monzo!?! - that they dismiss it so) but with the new SCA regulations and the stupidity of needing to enter a pin every nth contactless payment (**) I think it safer to have the two, so I have a backup.

** Although I think that Google/Apple Pay (and hopefully therefore Garmin Pay) won’t get hit by this because of the extra authentication required to use them in the first place?

I’m still looking for enough reasons to switch from Starling to Monzo, but having just ordered some Garmin watches, with Garmin Pay being available with Starling and no sign of it on Monzo, guess we’ll stay put.

Also a big fan of Garmin watch and would love to be able to leave my wallet behind.

Perhaps Monzo can look into introducing a cheap passiv wearbale bracelet. I would for sure order one in a heart beat!

Can Anyone from Monzo comment if Garmin pay is something Monzo is investigating ?

Starling got them for free by using a third party card processor (that Monzo used to use). They also got a collection of outages and downtime.

I saw in the Starling thread that they may be taking all that ‘in house’ so it will be interesting to see if they are prepared to put the development time into all these other ‘pays.

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Please add support for this, it pained me to leave Starling for this reason - I used it pretty much everyday. I switched knowing how progressive Monzo were and quickly they added features so thought it would only be a matter of time - can’t believe we’re still waiting!

Starling & (now even Santander!) are the only big banks in the UK to support it - I would have expected Monzo to be the first…

The use case is extremely limited compared to Apple / Google pay. It’s not worth Monzo’s time to work on this at the moment.

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You compare different things. Apple / Google Play is already done and need support only.
You should compare to other not finished, but wanted features, where developers put their effort.

Even being less popular than Apple / Google devices, Garmin is a choice of most of elite triathlon and marathon athletes, Iron Man and so on. Often highly paid professionals, doing sport in their spare time.
You need to think, before rejecting this group to the competitors. Sometime quality is more important, than quantity.

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But is the time of Monzo to address the wants of the very limited number of extreme / professional athletes to support a payment method which will likely only duplicate what they can already do with their phone worth delaying features/fixes which are wanted by the entire Monzo customer base?


You can see why fraudsters and scammers go with “I can’t feed my seven babies and four kittens”. Rather more sympathetic a grouping

Basically only a couple of not exactly big banks have this and one of them only has it because their third party card processor, made out of marzipan, supplies it - they leave to make their own and lose this…

Were it just the engineering effort involved I imagine they might be able to sneak this in, but it is not. The heavily utilised payments team are busy with SCA and 3DSecure2 new cards and so on and I’d prefer them to concentrate there

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I believe certification with Mastercard may also be required for each new form of payment.


Now that Google has picked up Fitbit, the Garmin shares have gone up. I’ve personally started wearing my Garmin full time, rather than my Fitbit and imagine that many others may start to do that too. Being able to run just with my watch, rather than my card would be great but I’m sure the Dev team know that by now!

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This will definitely be a good integration. Starling and Revolut already integrated.

I opened a starling bank account to enjoy this feature in my Garmin smartwatch.

Garmin is launching more affordable watches every years, which makes sense that Monzo join the club.

I suspect there are tens of thousands of Garmin users in the UK, all of whom could be prospective customers if Garmin Pay was offered.

Step right on it! :wink:

Think I read this one in that Monzo Facebook group :joy::joy:

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Will no-one think of the four kittens!!

Plus 1 for Garmin pay!

Have a Starling accounts but as others have said Monzo is my preferred everyday spending account. Because the app is better!!

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Got a new Garmin Venue for Christmas, and sell can’t use it with my monzo account. Come on guys!

Starling has had it for years now…

Curve recently added support for Garmin Pay so an indirect way to connect Monzo with Garmin Pay is now available: Garmin Pay > Curve > Monzo.

I haven’t tried it yet though.

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