Garmin Pay: When will I be able to buy oat milk with my watch?

How did you get Monzo to work

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How did you get Monzo to work on garmin pay?

I think the previous poster was joking - they said they take their card with them.

The only way I know as a workaround is to sign up to Curve and add the Monzo card to Curve then the Curve card to Garmin pay.

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Would love Garmin Pay!!

Are there any plans to enable Garmin Pay? This would allow Monzo customers with Garmin watches to register their card to be used for payments.

Nope. I believe you could use Curve as a work around.

If you do a search you’ll see an old thread about it, been requested etc. It’s highly unlikely to be on a list high enough to happen anytime soon

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Didn’t Google buy Garmin? No GPay?

@donalpsmith see existing thread here

@Revels Google bought Fitbit


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Fitbit not Garmin

To the op get a curve card only alternative

Checking out Garmin smart watches for Pixel and the list of supported banks is tiny :sweat_smile:

Fortunately I’m rocking Rev and Starling :sunglasses:

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It’s been interesting reading some of the history around Monzo not supporting Garmin Pay and other methods (wow, it goes back years!). It doesn’t look like they have a scalable strategy to accommodate broader payment solutions, which I take as an overall bad sign about platform architecture and product management. Others have done much more with less investment.

It’s none of the above. They just don’t want to support it because there isn’t enough demand for it.


I agree, it’s also good Product Management to make decision based on data and evidence.

The user base for Garmin pay is painfully small and not worth the dev time, and the on going support of the feature.

I’ve made product calls on mobile wallets, and the numbers don’t really support investing beyond Apple and Google pay, and I’ll be honest, Google pay is a minority sport. But they are both payment types that work on device and on the web, so make total sense to support that wider use case