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Didn’t Sony accidentally release it early this week for some players? :see_no_evil:

As for the mission/curscene…

is that just the mission that you start from the Helm which sends you to kill the black heart again, ending with a cutscene or Crow getting to other side and encounter Cayde? Or have they added something new?

Yeah I heard that too! Apparently pushed the whole thing live instead of just the preload, which every other platform gets on Monday I believe? Bungie have basically said “If you don’t want spoilers, stay off social media for a few days” :rofl:

What you described in your reply is the entirety of what I was referencing yes.

Now all that remains is to sit tight for preloading, and then probably not be able to play until Wednesday anyway due to server overload and/or the update overrunning as usual. :eyes:

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T+2 hours and counting and still not up yet. They had 25 hours of downtime to get this right and still f*cked it up. Poor from Bungie…again.

Not up yet? I’ve just completed the campaign. Brilliant expansion in every aspect.

Not for me and the thousands of people on the Bungie Twitter complaining about login issues. :eyes: I’ve only tried it a couple of times because I was out earlier anyway, but it seems there are a LOT of people who cannot even login, let alone start playing.

So Bungie’s updates of “Oh hey guys, you might not be able to swap weapon perks right now” are not landing particularly well with a lot of people. :rofl:

I think people just need to stick with the server down message, pressing B. I got in about 20 past 6. I think it’s just a bugged queue system. My whole fireteam were in before I was.

I did eventually get in, but not even been able to complete the first mission due to server connection issues, same as every major launch. :poop:

Lost interest already so I’ll try again tomorrow when things have hopefully settled down.

Hopefully better luck tomorrow. You’re in for a treat. It’s a solid campaign. Solid gameplay. They’ve struck the right balance between an expansion like beyond light and an expansion like the witch queen. Loved every second.

Oh wow. We got very lucky then. We didn’t miss a single cutscene due to connection errors. Only experienced the currant error booting us to orbit a few times when trying to start the strike and the final mission (mitigated by loading into the tower first, and then loading back into the pale heart). But aside those two instances, was a pretty smooth experience.

Probably best you waited though. It’s a cutscene heavy story, and if folks were erroring out of cutscenes it will have ruined the narrative experience, which is really rather good.

DM me for my one free key for this gem of a game:

Duplicate from Humble Bundle. Ideally be into birdwatching. DM can optionally include favourite British bird.

I don’t have a PC to make use of this sadly.

But to answer your question, my favourite British bird is Emilia Clarke.


This strikes me as a point and click game, seems relaxing. I may have to grab it

My favourite British bird is Emma Watson

Edit: After looking it up, it is not point and click, but it looks neat! It’s on Apple Arcade too

It’s relaxing – open world, essentially a birdwatching to progress the story game. Got a free key from Humble Bundle still

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I actually have a mate who is crazy into bird watching and just immobile from a hip replacement so I may have to point him at this.

Happy to provide the code if they’re interested!

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Thanks! I will message and ask him now (if he is still up)

I used to buy humble indie bundle quite a bit, they are good for their. I’d say my steam library is 70% humble indie bundle

Finished the campaign yesterday, took a while as I like to solo legendary the first run through. But wow, THIS is how you do it Bungie!

Perfect balance of challenging gameplay, raid-like puzzle mechanics and proper storytelling done in-game (not relegated to lore books that the average player won’t even see).

EDIT: I cannot get used to Keith David voicing Zavala though. Every time he speaks all I can think of is The President from Rick & Morty which really takes the edge of the seriousness of it.

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The post campaign exotic missions were excellent too. Lacking in difficulty mind, but a heck of a lot of fun to play, with great commentary and dialogue from the characters involved.

I don’t know how they top this experience for me. Just hope they don’t fumble it with the raid, post raid final campaign mission, and the rumoured post-story co op event to wrap it all up.

Happy cake day!

Yeah I just played through the Wild Card exotic mission and thought that was pretty fun. As you said a noticeable step down in difficulty compared to the campaign, but the added character elements help liven it up!

I’m enjoying the fact the whole experience feels fresh. Not just rehashing old assets like Blind Well or pointless new additions like fishing. :expressionless: So many new mechanics, events and post-campaign bits to get stuck into this time round, actually feels like new game this time!

Thanks! :partying_face: