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Monthly players down the bottom.

It cost them far more to maintain the server than it did keep the ~100 players happy.

I loved Assassins Creed Mirage because it had a smaller more tight storyline. Really enjoyed the fact there weren’t countless side missions. Meant I got to know and care about Basim way more. Valhalla on the other hand I just bored with running around doing countless side missions. So I had a bit of fun being an Evior who was loose with his affections and then bounced off the game.

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Out in November. Definitely looking forward to this one!

Still waiting for the new fan-made Portal Bagley. Might be waiting a while yet :rofl:

A 5GB system update and now a 19.16GB game download, she’s being treated well tonight.

Should’ve used Ethernet, might have downloaded a fraction faster.

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Always been intrigued by Senua but since lockdown I have a tendency towards getting anxious so not sure how a game based around mental health would land… :sweat_smile:

Not really found anything mental health related other than multiple voices which I assume are all in Senua’s mind.

I’ve only played a bit though, the fight scenes seem challenging enough.

I’ll likely see it through unless it decides to get too demanding play style wise.

Do puzzle, fight some things, do another puzzle.

Ok so far.

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Hellblade turned out pretty decent.

Final battle is interesting.

Story didn’t full add up I didn’t think.

Will still play number 2.


I’ve started Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, I got it shortly after getting the PS5 and then just kinda forgot about it… :sweat_smile:

So far it’s good brightly coloured fun! In my humble opinion the graphics are some of the best I have seen on the PS5 so far. Playing it I realised how much I like these kinds of games. Been playing a lot of more “grown up” games (read: gray and brown colour palette!). So it’s refreshing to play something that has a wide saturated colour palette and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Still offsetting this abundance of colour and frivolity by getting back into the Division now that project resolve seems to have solved whatever the issue was that meant the crashed on me every 5 secs. This has the knock on effect of my now wanting to save up to build a new PC for christmas… :sweat_smile:

Twice the size of the first game.


I’m downloading it now too.

Might as well make some use of the two months of Game Pass I have left.

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It’s like playing a movie.

Like Uncharted 2?

Not sure I ever played :confused:

How you getting on with Hellblade 2?

I think as I played the other so recently I’m not phased by this one, seems slower, too much walking, very little interaction so far.

Felt like 1 had more to do. I can imagine I’m a good way through the game, possibly even half way through, and I’m not sure what’s going on :joy:

I’m just over 3 hours in and at chapter 4 looking online.