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I think during their presentation and much of the promotion at the start focused too much on it being about Xbox being for all entertainment rather than just gaming. Gaming should have been the focus. They also messed up about being always online I believe, which they then changed. A bad launch that set in place the rest of the generation.

However, I am fairly sure that despite this, Xbox has better profit margins than PS. I can’t quite remember what exactly, but it seems PS spends a lot of money, with many of their exclusives not actually making money back (don’t quote me on this, and I’m sure things have changed with Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard).

This was clearly a marketing ploy from the beginning and does not seem to have done them any long term harm - I hear coke is still quite popular.

Microsoft do know what they are doing. Also they haven’t said they are getting rid of Xbox exclusives, Forza and Halo for example are notably not mentioned anywhere and are major draws for a lot of people.

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And many of the games that are rumoured aren’t exactly big draws to Xbox anyway. I doubt anyone is buying an Xbox console just for Hi-Fi Rush, especially when it’s available on Game Pass on PCs and Steam anyway.

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Halo was mentioned in one of the news articles I read yesterday (don’t remember which).

343 are also moving to a third party engine internally which would really only make logical sense if Halo is going cross platform. Back at the time people were thinking Nintendo Switch though.

And sea of thieves has long been rumoured to be going crossplatform around the same time the hi-fi rush rumours started.

There are even hints in the games code of an internal Nintendo Switch and PlayStation build of the game courtesy of the sea of thieves equivalent of @davidwalton

And these are variables which were known before the recent leaks and rumours broke the news.

I think given the calibre of games that have been floated, in addition to the internal changes at some studios behind the bigger games that we already know about, if this is happening I’m going to bet it’s everything, or at least every major IP. And if it is, PlayStation 6 is the easy peasy choice next generation.


And I assume Microsoft has planned for that.

I do really like my PS5 and would happily get a PS6, but the controller layout is just not comfortable for me. Both Xbox and Nintendo have realised asymmetric sticks are better. Sony needs to as well!


I hope so.

I want to stay with Xbox, but ultimately I’m always gonna go where the games are. And that’s gonna be PlayStation in this scenario. I’d no longer have to worry about the eventuality of Destiny going PlayStation exclusive down the line, given the Sony stranglehold on Bungie that came to light following all the layoffs and the backlash.

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A tweet from someone who reported about Indiana Jones coming to PS.

I think at this point, I’ll sit back and wait for Xbox to comment on it. They are having some business thing next week which should reveal more.

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Final Fantasy rebirth pre order and get 20% off at Curry’s.

Allegedly delivery on release day but I’m ok with that, on top of 1% cashback at Chase.


Solid deal, but I think I am tempted by the Deluxe version at £99.99

I was very tempted by the Collectors Edition, but it was so expensive (£350) that I waited too long and it’s now sold out … Oh well


Eeee yeah I love it but not that much :joy:


I just hope the additional Materia in the Collector Set are available as DLC. I don’t paying a few quid more for them.

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I’d love some FF wall art for my apartment but not sure where to even look.

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I’ve seen some great ones on Etsy! I have no more room in my current place, but after I move I want some of FF7 and FFX.

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There’s some nice bits on there generally, not thought to look on there though!

“Microsoft Game Pass” has been mentioned in a GameStop advert. Are they dropping Xbox from their games now, with Xbox just being the consoles? Who knows. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

I assume some of the rumours will be addressed here.

Not great news for PS5. I’m personally fine because I’ve got plenty of games to catch up with, but this isn’t exactly what you want to hear from Sony.

Sony Predicts Slide in PS5 Sales with No Major Existing IPs Planned Before March 2025

Based on everything we know so far for this year’s releases, I feel like it’s going to be a bit of a dull year all round. Especially coming off of last year.

Not sure there’s anything coming this year that I’m particularly interested in, excited about, or looking forward to.

A little bit for Skull and Bones but Ubisoft squandered it. I ain’t trusting them so won’t be getting it.

Don’t really know what else there is.

So it’s really just the Final Shape expansion for Destiny 2 for me.

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There’s definitely some Xbox games I’m interested in, but I couldn’t tell you a single PS game I want to play. I think if Nintendo launches the Switch 2 at the right time with good enough games, they’ll have a smashing start to their new console. They are clearly launching it soon considering how few new games we have coming out, with most of the recent ones being remakes or smaller games.

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Looking forward to whatever Nintendo announces next. That’ll get me excited for sure, especially if it’s new hardware, and thus a reason to breathe some new life into the already spent IPs on switch that I love.

Pokémon Day is in a couple of weeks, they’ll no doubt announce some things that I’ll look forward to it. Just don’t wanna get too caught up in the pre-release hype like I did last time. Think it took a lot away from the experience for me.

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