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Honestly, I didn’t even know who he was until just now and was just confused reading the above as to why the presenter of Location Location Location was trying to acquire Nintendo.

But just looking it up he seems to be the CEO of Microsoft Games? Can it really be a big surprise that a CEO of a major corporation is a capitalist who wants to dominate the market? I’m sure Microsoft didn’t put him there because he’s a lovely guy who likes playing video games :sweat_smile:


Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest personally, and neither does them wanting to acquire even more companies, even Nintendo, but I can see why others may not be happy.

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MS attempting to acquire Nintendo is very old news.

It’s hard to see it happening in the current regulatory environment, but it still wouldn’t be a monopoly by a long shot.

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Cyberpunk 2.0 and Phantom Liberty this week

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I am excited to play through Cyberpunk again with the 2.0 update. Looks like a neat improvement and I’ve been thinking about a second playthrough for a while

Very tempted to sell my Series X and get a Steam Deck in the sale.

It’s a great console, but just gets no use as I’m never able to use the TV for a long session.

This is great news. Just started cyberpunk and about 3-4 hours in. So hopefully this adds to the experience!

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Lies of P.

Anyone got past that initial mf at the station?

I honestly feel like the older I get the worse I get at games :joy:



Even though I’ve had beta access for quite a while, there is still a lot to reveal!

Not tried it yet but its on my Game Pass list since its free.

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Previews of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are out from Tokyo Game Show … and it looks amazing! Playable Sephiroth in parts of it :exploding_head:


I got there in the end, the gameplay so far doesn’t seem for me. I’ll play it again when I’m not ill.

I did manage to get past the station dude, but then died shortly after :joy:

This is going to be the best game :heart_eyes:

Really disliked everything of Cait Sith in the OG. I do hope they bring something special from it this time, and so far so good!

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The CMA has provisionally approved the Xbox Activision deal

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I played Cyberpunk when it came out and loved it, played it enough to Platinum it. It maybe helped that I don’t really follow game news, so I knew nothing about it, just bought it on release day and played with no expectations. Hopefully you love it!


It’s on offer so just bought it. Also don’t know too much about it, but obviously, the reception the game has now is way better so hopefully I enjoy it!

I think that ship has sailed for me. First impressions matter, and for the same reason im never gonna pick up no man’s sky, I’ll probably never pick this up either.

Tried it. Was so boring.


Play all the side quests. All the good storylines are in the side quests. The gameplay is decent and the city is cool, but it’s the stories that make it a fantastic game imo. I’ve run a couple of TTRPG cyberpunk games and I wish I could write cyberpunk stories like that.

Fair warning though… they get dark.

Edit: oh, definitely consider a car/driving mod there’s a few that make the experience much better if you like modding.

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Modding isn’t my thing, but everything else sounds good. Dark stories really don’t bother me and are some of the best stories in other mediums so I’m sure I’ll like them here

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Not sure when the PlayStation app started shaming you, but I don’t like it :joy:

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