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Gamepass is great and you can play it on your mac. Just need an Xbox controller to get started.

The series S is a really great value box for under the TV too.


Xbox series X ordered from Amazon for delivery by 10pm today. They only had the Forza Horizon bundle in stock but it was only £20 extra and I happen to have a £20 voucher :slight_smile:


So upon some further research, it seems no one really understands what this Project Q really is. I think PlayStation shouldnt have mentioned new hardware without actually explaining how it works.

The most common thought is that you may be able to play it away from home, but it has to be connected to WiFi as you are streaming at all times, which obviously severely limits its use as you don’t exactly have (good) WiFi everywhere.

One positive I have is that I do quite like how it looks, but not entire sure if I’d want it in my room in real life. Same with the PS5. Looks nice, but in my living room, probably not.

The project Q thing is odd. Is it just a ps remote play device? If it is that then it has little to no appeal unless the price is great (hint: with Sony it won’t be)

I have found remote play ok generally out of the home but not great. I would not buy one for just that.

It would be slightly better if it supported Sony streaming direct for compatible games on ps plus premium and remote play for non compatible games.

No local play feels like it will massively hamper it and it will be a train crash either way!


Other half treated himself :sweat_smile:

Peace and quiet for me for a few weeks :heart::sweat_smile:

£5 off at Currys with code SAVE5 and then 5% cashback through some scheme he has.


I have to say I think Project Q is hideous, it looks so slap dash as hardware but the screen will no doubt be decent.
It seems very limited for use but I have a theory what Sony will do to add value.

Basically sony has been killing off ALL digital sales for cd keys etc for the past few years. Brick and mortar stores cant even sell keys often (they used to on cards) and can only sell cash vouchers all so sony can lock in all digital sales to their own store and margin all while having a digital only console.
Given thats happened mostly now I see Project Q getting a feature where if you buy the game from Sony you will be able to remote play it using their streaming as part of the deal rather than having to remote into your console.
This will help try to kill disc sales and resales all in one stroke while they claim they are not being anti competitive because there are some games on disc still if you want and remote play using the console.
They dont want to do a game pass style when they can charge full price, hell the most expensive plan comes with a feature that lets you try demos of games for your money… that used to be a free thing.

It may never come to pass but I dont expect sony to do much for the gamers so I would expect this sort of play to kill of disc sales and lock in digital. If only sony was just a little less scummy…

All this Wii U and Zelda talk has encouraged me to get my Wii U out again and have a play of Windwaker (which I downloaded) and attempt Twilight Princess (whose disc is likely still in the console) although the spiders in that game might put me off haha. Everything seems to be working so far so looking forward to playing them soon!

Currently working my way through both Tears of the Kingdom and Skyward Sword. Completely opposite in terms of gameplay but enjoying them both (but enjoying TotK a lot more).

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64gb steam deck back in stock today for the first time in ages so I nabbed one. Plan to upgrade the ssd in due course if I get on with it but for now will make do. My steam library has no AAA games so won’t be an immediate issue. Also will probably play more Zelda for the next month or two anyway!

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Never had a gaming rig, always played the Diablo franchise on my iMac. Guess that’s not going to change looking at the prices:

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I’m starting to see graphics card pricing coming down (finally)

Spotted this today and I’m tempted but so out of the loop with what to look for in these as it has been ~8 years since I got my last one.

Any thoughts from anyone?

It’s why I got the Series S. I’ve only really gamed on Switch recently so the worse performance than the Series X is not going to bother me. It being digital only really isn’t bad either considering the constant sales the store has, plus it actually forces me to finish games. Also, a lot of games I want are available through the cloud with Game Pass with essentially no issues now that I’m at home so I can play Forza Horizon 5 without downloading a massive game.

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I got the ultimate edition yesterday.

Cant wait to play 6pm tomorrow!


I have to wait for midnight tonight :sweat_smile:. I hope it’s worth the £60. Massive Diablo fan

I should have bought 2.

I have a couple of SD cards, and they’ve been more than enough.

I’ve played Cyberpunk, Horizon New Dawn and God of War on the Deck with no issues. Just do a Google search for any specific game before you buy/install. Steam’s Verified system is unreliable - plenty of games work just fine even though unverified.

Nah. ToTK is superb, but a lot of the mechanics get boring. Mix it up with something else!

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You can get a 7 day free trial of Ubisoft+

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Pretty surprised with the Xbox game showcase. Lots of games that I’m interested in, plus, many of them coming to Game Pass.

I don’t think there is much more Xbox could have done here to please people. It’s clearly been a quiet few months, but tings definitely seem to be picking up towards the end of the year and into 2024. Also, a black Xbox Series S with more storage is welcome news.

Only real complaint is that I wish we got more actual gameplay footage, but I guess that will come closer to release, or tomorrow with the Ubisoft Star Wars game.

Also, I really wish gamers weren’t so sexist. Accidentally clicked on the YouTube comments after the first three games, and apparently the existence of women is woke and shouldn’t be happening.

Definitely makes me happy to see Xbox with so much in the pipeline, especially considering the only upcoming Switch game I’m interested in is the Professor Layton game.


Completely forgot this was happening this weekend! Will hopefully catch up on it tonight.

Was there anything particularly notable which stood out to you? Any update on cloud gaming for games you own?

I wasn’t listening to most of it, but I think essentially all the updates were just on games.

These are all the games that were mentioned. Surprising, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 really did interest me haha.


Sea of thieves stuff! Been hoping for something to pull me back into the game! The door was left open for more captain jack sparrow and pirates of the Caribbean so have been hoping for that, but I’ll take Monkey Island!

Can’t wait to see what that’ll be about.

Avowed I’m also excited for. Going just on the names shown there, don’t think there’s going to be anything else that appeals to me, but hoping for a pleasant surprise. Overwatch 2, maybe. But they lost me after that disastrous launch.

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This has a list of everything that was announced with some articles which I assume has more detail.

I haven’t stayed for the Star field direct, but the footage shown during the Showcase did look very good. Looking forward to it.

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