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They’ve had some pretty good ones over the years with the Switch generation. Historically they’ve never done discounts, but they’ve had big first party games in sales for up to half price off at times on switch.

Add onto that the whole concept of the vouchers,
And the fact Nintendo don’t try extorting you from the outset (charging about £10 less on average for the complete games than other big studios charge for the incomplete base game), and no crappy in-game micro transactions, I tend to feel much better stumping up for the games.

Ubisoft are always quick to discount their games. They get the suckers and them drop them to get the rest, much to to the chagrin of those who buy day 1. The less acclaimed a game is, the faster it happens.

25% off all editions and it hadn’t even been a month since it launched. As a fan of the franchise (up until that game) I paid £92 for the digital version of the ultimate edition. I could have gotten that same version a few weeks later for around £65 (sold by Ubisoft on the Xbox store). I was pretty annoyed with that. I’ve vowed never to buy another Ubisoft game. Unless they make another watch dogs and go back to the roots of the original, because that was good. But it won’t be a pre-order or a day one buy, nor will it be for the complete version of the game.


MGS 1 should’ve been done first. They always skip the best ones (IMO). I don’t remember much about 3, but I’ll most definitely be playing.

FFXIV is a must have.

Only read the page and not seen all the clips, so I probably would enjoy a few others. I’ve not yet played Spider Man, same reason as to why I’d never played Fallen Order - didn’t think they were my type of games, but actually. I like FO so may give SM a go.

I’ve still Miles Morales in its wrapper for ps5 from when I first got my ps5.

Holy cow. Thumbnail is very spoilery but good luck avoiding it completely between now and next year.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape teaser

Destiny 2: The Final Shape | Teaser Trailer - YouTube


The new Assassins Creed actually looks like it could be great, I may even get it at launch but I dont want to get my hopes up, maybe just uplay+ for a month.

Pity about Alan Wake being Epic store exclusive on PC.

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Ok, so I’m thinking of getting a games console. I don’t have a PC because I’m all Apple and there are some games I really want to play, like MS Flight Sim, Train Sim World, Diablo IV and a few more.

I think that Flight Sim pretty much means going for the Xbox Series X over the PlayStation PS5 but will I be really missing out on anything with the Xbox?

Also, I can get the Ultimate game pass free with my EE contract.

Anything else that I should be considering?


If you can get Gamepass Ultimate for free that feels like a clear winner. And flight sim is great!

There is a bit more buzz around the PS5, mainly because of the new controller and the slick UI, but really they are very similar and the biggest differentiator is the exclusives.

Final Fantasy 16 and God of War Ragnorok are the two I’d think about a PS5 for but then Xbox has Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon as well as flight sim.


Isn’t this essentially just the Wii U?

I’d get so much more from it than my switch!

But it isn’t really portable I believe. Always has to be connected to WiFi and near the PS5, hence the comparison with the Wii U rather than the Switch.

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If that’s the case you won’t even be able to take it to the toilet to play whilst you poop, which is where these things really shine at home.

Wii U gamepad needed line of sight and had to stay pretty close or it cut off.

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And the Wii U didn’t exactly do very well. Seems odd to copy a failed console.

Does your WiFi not reach the crapper? :joy:

I think that’s more to do with how Nintendo marketed it. It was every bit a cesspool of confusion as Xbox one and the new Netflix thing :joy:

Brilliant console though, I loved it.

So wii U was a proprietary connection between the gamepad and the console. It connected directly to the console not router then console. And it needed line of sight and pretty close range to maintain the connection. But so long as you were connected it was rock solid. It never lagged, never stuttered. Nothing.

If the PlayStation thing hopes to achieve similar performance it would need to work in the same way.

But if it’s just using your existing wifi network, my question is why make you buy another piece of hardware when they could have just given you and app for your phone and tablet like Xbox have done?


Ah, I didn’t know that with Wii U. What a pointless effort. :joy:

Was groundbreaking at the time, honestly. And then there was the Nintendo gimmick, which was actually a pretty fun gimmick we’ll never get back unless they do something like it again.

I miss my Wii u. :frowning:

No one innovates in gaming quite like Nintendo.


Thanks - good to have some confirmation that I’m doing the right thing :slight_smile:

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GamePass definitely has more to it than PSN. There’s just more exclusives on PlayStation

This also looks quite similar to Splatoon. Not the best response from the showcase when everyone is just pointing out how similar our products are to a competitor.

Foamstars (9999) | PS5 Game | Push Square

I’m loving my X Box series S so far. Plays really well and game pass is just a no brainer, especially if you can get it for cheaper/free/using points. So many games that I haven’t played before for £0 per month at the moment due to Microsoft Rewards. EA Play being included is just the icing on the cake.

PS5 is more popular but if you don’t really care about the exclusives, I’d definitely recommend an XBox.


Same. Really enjoyed the Wii U and helped create some more unique games with the gamepad (before developers, including Nintendo, started to just ignore it haha).

I think PS is going to have a hard time marketing this as well. It will be difficult to get across that it ISN’T a portable Playstation, especially when Switch exists. I also can’t imagine it being cheap, which creates a challenge getting people to buy it when it is just an optional add-on.