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I really liked the combat, I played 90% of the game with just the bow and arrows.


Well this is interesting :eyes:


Canโ€™t wait!

If yous all fancy a Monzo shoot up :eyes::joy: Iโ€™m absolute rubbish at shoot em ups.

No GoldenEye for me :broken_heart:

PS5 loyal.

Community games night is definitely a solid idea though!


Xbox doesnโ€™t have online multiplayer.

What do you mean? Golden eye wonโ€™t have multi?

Xbox in general do.

Whoโ€™s old enough to remember this first time around :eyes:

Not me, I wasnโ€™t (defo was tbh)

Surely the only way this can be played is central joystick and dodgy VGA cables tho.

Still the best shootem up ever, Iโ€™m prepared to die on that hill.

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Looks like Hogwarts Legacy can now be preloaded (at least on Xbox). Just started downloading on mine. Clocks in at 46.31GB, which isnโ€™t too bad.

Why would you be loyal to a console :joy:
None of them are loyal to you :kissing_heart:

Forza 8 looks amazing! God I hope they donโ€™t bollocks it up like GT but you never know.

I can understand why. Just not why someone would be loyal to that one. Iโ€™ve never forgotten nor forgiven how careless they were with safeguarding my data in the PS3 era, so naturally that was my last Sony console.

Though the bigger reason is I just donโ€™t want that many boxes under my TV, and I suspect itโ€™s that for most folks too, so theyโ€™ll end up with either, or, and opt for the one their friends play on or has the games they prefer.

Iโ€™m loyal to Xbox for Halo, and now Sea of Thieves, since 343 clearly canโ€™t be trusted with Halo. Halo 4 was the last one I really properly enjoyed. Hasnโ€™t stopped me going through the excitement and disappointment cycle with the sequels though.

And now Sony own Bungie, so that might be a problem for me, because Destiny is my game. Itโ€™s the constant one that I always find my way back to. Donโ€™t think Iโ€™d move platform, or add PlayStations into my life if it comes to it though. Iโ€™d just sulk and resent them. Both Bungie and Sony. But especially Sony. Theyโ€™ve always been the party poopers in console gaming.

I have game series I enjoy but to be honest the controller has been a huge factor for me. All the older ps controllers were terrible in my hand and thats before you get to the battery life. The PS5 controller is a huge improvement but yeah Sony are dicks basically.
They shill harder and moan more than anyone and people tend to ignore that. Look at the tears about Microsoft buying Activision, you would think Sony were struggling with the moaning.
Yeah I too wonโ€™t forget their terrible security practices from passwords in cleart text to rootkits on cdโ€™s.
We do have all the consoles and I have laptops and pcโ€™s but Sony get the least money because of their shill nature.

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Ah so for clarity. No online gaming for Xbox users (yet?) But switch users can play online.

Exactly (sadly)! GoldenEye 007 comes to Xbox, Nintendo Switch on Jan. 27 - Polygon


I will find it a waste of money paying for Nintendo online.

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Just been delivered from CEX. Still sealed too


I recently started the older version but may just jump to the newer and start fresh with better graphics :sweat_smile:


Just buy a month. Itโ€™s cheap, and I doubt youโ€™ll touch it again after that anyway! Itโ€™s not going to be the sort of game with any longevity that youโ€™ll be wanting to play it weekly for years to come.

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I seen some brief screenshots and doesnโ€™t look a major overhaul unless I missed something :sweat_smile:

I think itโ€™s just the same game but now with added online multiplayer for switch online members.

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