Games consoles - price vs CPU

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Not in the least bit surprised to see that the NeoGeo is right up there.

Surprised to see the N64 so far below the line as I remember that being quite expensive at the time, but possibly my memory is mixing up the console price with the cartridge prices.

TL;DR: computers are evermore complicated and I doubt some of what this graph shows

The clock on the CPU is just one factor in performance and it’s meaningfulness will be ever decreasing towards the right hand side of this graph

This is partly because something called Dennard Scaling stopped happening ten years ago and CPU designers had to focus on performance in increases from architectural changes to chips rather than making them tick faster

It’s also because GPUs are way more important than CPUs for gaming workloads and have taken on even more of it than they did in the past

And many other factors - I think we’re gonna need a bigger graph :yum:


Interesting graph. PS3 was always a bit pricey compared to the Xbox 360 but the current generation it’s totally done a 180.
Seems to be quite accurate in what it’s representing.

Maybe it’s becasue of my age but I havent heard of all those consoles.

Surprised the Xbox one X is not on there. I think it falls off the edge of the cpu scale but not sure :confused:


Ah, it would be useful if I’d been clearer on what I think it does and doesn’t show sorry :speak_no_evil:

I think that this graph approximates price over time for the period where Dennard Scaling held and then beyond that it just shows release price with the consoles in a random order*

They’re not actually going to be random, I’d expect them to potentially inflect and then again so they sort of hover back and forth around an equilibrium

So I’d be quite interested to see a graph of release price against the date the console was designed (hardware is fixed at this stage)

Edit: checked and all of the latest gen consoles inflect (e.g. Xbox one sits between Xbox and 360)

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I loved my Atari 2600, didn’t pay that kinda money for it though! :joy:

Quite possibly. Looking back, pretty sure I paid the same for the Xbox one X (Project Scorpio) as I did for the Xbox one (Day one)

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Dreamcast - best console l ever owned.

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It was ahead of its time but it didn’t have the game library or the marketing :frowning: