[Game] DomiNations

Anybody play this? I like to think of it as Age of Empires meets Clash of Clans. You can put money into the game to speed up your progress but I and the majority of people I play with don’t and it’s still good!

I really enjoy the historical aspect and also that you can join an ‘alliance’ and team up to dominate over other alliances :sunglasses:

I have a REALLY low attention span…how long are those wait times? For example, I can deal with 10 minutes but when things start taking 5 hours+ it just becomes a chore to play.

I guess I like instant gratification :joy:

Haha maybe not for you then! For some things the wait times get longer as you progress, but there’s usually something else you can be getting on with. For example, my army replenishes in about 30-40 minutes and then I’m off battling again. In that 30 minutes I can either get on with something (in life) or start some upgrades, harvest, hunt etc in game.

I’m much the same as you through ordinarily, but I’ve found this game can hold my attention or at the very least I can leave it and go back to it.

Makes sense, I’m not too bothered about waiting for things, as long as there’s something to do in the meantime. I know game devs like to promote in-app purchases through purchasing gems that speed up the game, I cannot blame them in all honesty, but when it gets excessive and I’m having to close the app because there’s nothing to do, it does get frustrating!